Easy Peasy Chicken wraps

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Wraps, Frankie, khati roll…some of the many names given to what is essentially a chapatti or roti rolled and stuffed with your choice of filling and are the desi equivalent to the Mexican burrito. A versatile dish that is a tiffin favourite with kids, a street food delight and a fantastic lazy day meal option.

Yesterday was one of these supremely lazy days, and if I haven’t made it clear already, the heat is such that cooking is daunting. So much so that when Ishita begged for some chapatti as soon as she was out of school, I stopped to by some ready made one from the brand I.D. Brand I might add is really starting to place itself as a modern Indian housewife lifesaver with their range of pre-cooked paratha, chapatti and dosa batter. We had some of the chapatti for lunch and there was still plenty left in the pack (35 rupees for 10 chapatti), so I took a pack of chicken breast out of the freezer to thaw and by dinner time I made some rolls, in minutes!
To make them quick like I did you will need these essentials:

You are looking at regular mayonnaise, Imli sauce (the sweet and sour one served on chaats), and readymade precooked chapatti.
Now of course if it was less critically hot and unbearable in the kitchen I would have made the chapatti from scratch myself, especially since I really don’t like how my maid does them. But we are talking about a fussy tired toddler and a tired mama at the end of a long hot and humid Summer day here.
What you will need that is not in this picture are 3 small chicken breast (makes 5 wraps), and some fresh coriander leaves.
I have a sandwich maker with grill plates, so I heated it to high temperature, and put the three breasts in it to grill until done (took about 7-8 minutes). If you don’t have a grill, just put a little oil in a flat bottomed frying pan or tawa and grill the breasts there until done to the middle.
Once your chicken is cooked immediately chop it in small cubes and put them in a mixing bowl, add about 2-3 table spoon of mayo, season with paprika and black pepper and mix well.
Then heat the chapatti tawa on the stove and reheat the precooked chapatti one by one (it takes seconds).
Place one chapatti on the plate, add the chicken, drizzle with the Imli sauce, sprinkle a little coriander on top and fold the bottom of the chapatti before rolling it.
Voila, you have a quick wrap in minutes and almost no sweat. Ishita ate half of one and gave the other one to the dog before I could intervene, both kiddo and canine enjoyed it. DH first said he wanted only one because he didn’t feel hungry enough, but after one bite of his asked me to please go make a second one because the taste was awesome. And I got my two rolls myself feeling satiated and happy to have made everybody happy in my household in just about 10-15 minutes of preparation.
I forgot to take pictures of the rolls in question, we were far too busy sinking our teeth in them as you can imagine.

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