End of Summer sight

10:36 AM

Last year I was writing about how I never really cared as much about mangoes as I do about peaches, and they are back now, but that is not the only fruit I am looking forward to at this time of the year, the other one is this one :

2013-05-23 12.41.02

When I posted the picture on my personal FB page a couple of my US based friends were wondering what they were, so I’ll say it here as well. These are lychees, fresh ones, and I don’t blame anybody not living in a part of the world where they are cultivated because it is rare to get them fresh in these areas. Most of my friends knew them as peeled and canned, the way I did growing up in Switzerland, where I have in all my life seen them in their rind only once.
In India I had no idea they were even cultivated until 2006 because no local fruit vendors would have them for sale in Bangalore before that. In the past few years they have been a very common sight in supermarkets in Bangalore, and are on every fruit vendors stalls in my neighbourhood in Mumbai. To me their rosy plump shell and green leaves just come to soothe my eyes and spirit after nearly 2 months of climbing heat and humidity, promising fresher days. They come in season May end until June end and then they pretty much disappear from the stalls until the next Summer. Their appearance come just before the monsoon, giving people something sweet and fresh to eat and keep them patient until the first downpour.
The fresh fruit has all the sweetness of the canned one I knew of back home, but has something extra to the taste that canning kills: a floral almost woodsy note, and an incomparable juiciness.
Ishita and I are both big lychee fans and a bunch bought from the local vendor is usually gone in a day, or two at the most.

Their arrival this year is as usually coming like a beacon of hope to me, the heat and humidity this year has been unbearable, and I just can’t wait for a good heavy rain to cool us all down. The clouds have been teasing us passing over our head, accuweather has been mean forecasting thunderstorm that never graced us this week. Needless to say that my blog hasn’t been on top of my priority list recently, beside you can’t peel and eat lychees and type at the same time, that would make the laptop seriously sticky.


  1. I had fresh lychees when I went to Pakistan and I agree, the taste cannot be compared to canned. Also, I like peeling them, it reminded me of peeling an egg, but with far tastier results. :-)

  2. Oh yes it is exactly like peeling an egg :) though I don't mind the thing under the egg shell, I like hardboil eggs better than many other egg dishes.


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