Fairy House

10:51 AM

Right now my brain is pretty much mush, and it’s a combo of Summer heat, PMS and e-shopping woes that is pretty much numbing me away. I will not go into the detail on the e-shopping just now, it’s still raw and at this point I am wondering if just writing about it is not going to break into hives, or possibly self combust….that’s how crazy it is.

So instead I will go and blog about a craft project Ishita and I got into what could have as well been a century ago, but was done in April if I remember well. Back then she suddenly got obsessed with Tinker bell's fairy house in the Great Rescue Movie, so much so that I thought it would be a cute idea to make one from an old box of Surf Exel laundry detergent.
Here is how it looked:

Ishita helped me paste some yellow paper all around the box, and cut out some leaf shape with a leaf cut-out puncher, I shaped the roof and she helped me past the leaves to it. I made the door out of drinking straws.

One of the fancy paper sheet we used to cut leaves out was the right size to be turned into a floor pattern inside the house and I used an old gift wrap bit to past on the wall to look like a framed picture, Ishita decided her toy elephant would love staying in the house too.

I had some cut-out butterflies left in my stash of supplies so we used them to decorate the windows of the house as well.

The house is now sadly starting to fall apart a little, Ishita played with it a lot, but it was a fun project.
Right now we have even put crafting on hold as it is simply too hot to do anything during the day but sleep and the instant it gets bearable again around 6pm we are out to the playground. We are eagerly waiting for the rain to come, looking at the sky daily, and these days more clouds are passing, but that’s all they do, pass and continue their travel without gracing us with cooler days.
On this word I will leave you today because here I am at 11am struggling to get two words together to make a sentence that actually would make sense, a sure sign I need to lie down and rest.

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  1. I had two orders going crazy at the same time, the first one I hope was a glitch from Firstcry...but let's say that there is a certain hello kitty school bag that nearly put me into therapy :) It arrived finally, but a payement not going through an a courrier company not doing what they should to deliver it quickly all in one order is bad enough, add to this a toddler screaming everyday, 5000 times a day for the bag for over a week...gah!

    The second one is snap deal, they used to be efficient, no more, bought a gas stove that never got delivered and them not really into calling me or replying to my querries. Left me spending too much time trying to reach their customer service and be told nothing, when suddenly 10 days into this madness they told me that the vendor could not deliver and they cancelled the order, that despite selling me a confirmation on day 3 that yes yes the product had been shipped, and my having to call again to inform them that if they cancelled the order they should send me an email about that and have a written proof I'll get my refund. After hearing me and my pissed off voice too many times and my being vocal on their FB page had them bend my way...but yeah never again with them.


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