Our second Summer in Mumbai

12:43 PM

lazy summer

Two days ago we apparently had a drizzle in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up at 6am to a damp earth smell and wet trees, but missed the rain spell sighting, so I can’t really say I SAW the first rain just yet.
The wind is blowing more steadily, clouds passages are more frequent, and people are starting to look a bit more lively during the day.
I started walking again last week, even though I still wet a t-shirt in 5 minutes outdoor, and it seems I was not the only one to brave the park at 10am. A few people are venturing out again, a sure sign that something is changing in the air.
Ishita had her last day of Summer camp yesterday, so I moved my walk at 7am this morning with DH spending time with her while I did so. But with Ishita not being in school came the dilemma of keeping her busy long enough in the morning, so by the time I was back from my walk, DH’s tiffin was packed and I got my well deserved shower I had to come with a plan. So by 10.30 we were back out to the park.
Sadly there was no one there, which is not surprising really, adults may start venturing out again, but kiddos are usually tucked away in front of TV at this time. Not that the park in question was even critically too hot then, there was still plenty of shade and a lovely breeze to keep us fresh. Ishita could not really comprehend why the park she loves to go to in the evening to meet with her friends was so deserted, so in the end she settled for lying down across my lap on one of the big garden swings, and we lazed around in the the shade while the breeze kept us cool.
And there I was thinking that we once again reached that point where we are about to fall in the Monsoon season. And for the second year in a row we did spend the whole Summer in Mumbai, and we survived it. I managed to keep Ishita busy enough, and to not completely loose my sanity. We kept the TV to a minimum too, which I am happy to have achieved as well. When I picked her up in school yesterday I realised it was the last time I would walk her down to our old apartment complex, as in two weeks she starts Jr Kg in a new school.

As far as the climate is concerned, i am not sure which one of these two Summer was hotter. Last year our old flat was East facing with huge bay windows which pretty much turned the flat in an oven before noon, with no breeze coming in since it was facing no other direction. That said i don’t remember soaking clothes the way I did this year, but then again I didn’t have to go out in the sun at noon the way I had to this year.
Our current flat is essentially North facing, with the Sun coming at an angle on our balcony in the morning, and our bedrooms facing North/West which allows some of the evening breeze to flush the stuffy air out, but we still needed the AC at nap time, and are still waiting for the days we can do without at night again.
Like last year this Summer has managed to numb me completely and all I can now hope is that this year’s Monsoon will strike on time and offer a bit more rain and relief than it did last year.

For now my eyes are still glued to the sky, waiting for signs of that elusive first rainin which I really need my eyes to soak drop by drop in order to really believe that Summer is truly over.


  1. Arunesh11:07 PM

    Huge fan of your writing, Cyn! Always a joy to read your posts!

  2. Thank you :)
    I should become a bit more active again by the end of the month with my writting so hang in there.
    Seeing you started following me on I need need to remember sending my links there instead of just my facebook page.

  3. Arunesh8:42 PM

    I love reading


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