Cooler days…happy me

2:03 PM

The monsoon hit this weekend! It finally did hit! At first I thought it hit on Friday night when we suddenly had a big storm, torrential rains and the usual blast of cold air that comes with it, but the next morning the paper informed us it was just a pre-monsoon shower, though at this point I am not totally convinced they were right. Saturday was a humid, but cooler and clear day, but we woke up on Sunday morning to a much different weather. It was pouring down cats and dogs and it never really stopped since then.
We had moments of drizzles alternating with violent downpours, and a cold breeze flowing through the flat. It became actually cold enough for me to need my sweat pants….oh dear I missed them so! And I greeted them like you greet an old friend.

As I type this, it is still raining, about a day and a half later, I have drank a significant amount of herbal tea and regular tea because…well…being the tea lady that I am, I tend to see Summer as punishment forcing me to cut down on hot beverages. I am in sweat pant pair number two, having soaked the bottom of the first one yesterday afternoon when I told DH it was a weather to go eat chaats, I let them dry the rest of the day but this morning had to go walk my dog and that had them win a trip to the laundry hamper.
The monsoon has that effect on me that it has on a vast majority of people: it revives me, from a half dead creature I go to a fully functional one in a matter of hours. My eyes at the moment can’t really get tired of seeing the rain fall (I know the feeling will wane soon enough, but for now, rain is the most marvellous sight in the world). I started feeling like cooking and baking again, my creativity is back too and Ishita found a pompom caterpillar project in one of our books. And while she lost patience after half a third of a tenth of a millionth in her first pompom, I made them all happily, feeling a bit like my mom when she would suddenly go back to knitting in the Fall. And here is the result:

2013-06-09 08.45.37

Ishita’s school will open on the 19th, so I will need a few projects to keep her busy at home since right now the playground is pretty much turned into a pond, and her school reopens on the 19th of this month. And while I am not sure she is too crazy about not being able to go to the park to play with her friends, she is enjoying the cooler climate as much as I am, exited to go wear her long sleeved t-shirts again.
The only one not too happy about the climate change is my dog, who is at the moment sulking away in a bedroom and refused to go potty in the street this morning and chose to embarrass me by doing it after her walk in the lobby of our building while we were waiting for the lift and having me run upstairs to go grab a plastic bag and race back down to get it cleaned as quickly as possible.


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