First day of school

12:31 PM

D-day finally arrived! Since I opted not to take the school bus and another of Ishita’s previous school friend is going to the same school we decided to “auto-pool” sharing the fares. The two girls are very good friends and were very exited to be going to school together. What they didn’t quite grasp is that while Ishita is in the IPC board, her friend got admission at the 11th hour in this school and had to settle for the SSC (regional) board and that it meant they would not be in the same class. After a little moment of confusion when we had to hand them over to the attendant in the school lobby all went well, they were both among those kids not crying and we left sharing an auto back home to our respective 2.5 hours of peace and quiet before we had to head back to the school.

For the first 2 days we have to pick them up directly at their classroom door, then on the 3rd day onward, wait by the gate. And While waiting outside her classroom I got a look of Ishita just being, quiet and happy, enjoying being with other kid, but the minute she saw me she started crying, her usual “back to school trick”. Fortunately the waterworks lasted only a few seconds as she was all exited to show me this :

2013-06-19 15.43.25

The teachers did make little peacocks that the kid finger painted, nothing like a simple craft project to break the ice, appease the few crying kids, and make them all exited about their first day. Our Welcome peacock is now on Ishi’s bedroom door, and she spent the rest of the day playing at home and eager to see all of her other friends at the playground before crashing down for the night at 8.30pm. We are still waiting for the school uniform to be given to us. In the meantime we found out that a 3rd kid from Ishita’s nursery school is also going to the same school and will be going with his mom rather than the bus, at least for a few months, so we are going to see how well auto drivers take to 3 adults and 3 kids in one ride, if that works, we are going to keep the commuting cost significantly down sharing a ride daily.


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