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12:30 PM

The other day while I was hunting black Velcro strap sandals for school we inevitably had to make a pee pee stop in the mall, and it seems that now the toilets there are sponsored by Harpic and come complete with little posters on toilet etiquette in each toilet cubicle :

2013-06-17 11.10.32

Now first of all, it’s the world over that it seems people need reminders about keeping the public loos clean, and no country I have visited had a shortage of supremely dirty bathrooms. And you’d think these are in the places like rest stop on the highway, public parks and train stations only, but not so, I have actually seen pretty dirty ones in malls, and more well off places across Europe too. For some baffling reason, there is a special breed of people that seem to think that just because the toilet is in a public place they can just litter at will, crap outside the toilet bowl, flood the cubicle, not flush, clog the toilet, leave pee pee drops all over the toilet seat, splatter the wash basin mirrors, and are way above using the dustbin to throw in panty liners and tampons. Why oh why, is what remains a mystery.
The world over you will find no brainer reminders in full sight in public restrooms reminding people to keep it clean, some straight to the point, others a bit more creative such as “Please leave the place as clean as you would back home” which judging by the state of some of these bathrooms leads me to think that a percentage of the population like their own bathroom dirty as hell. And I have seen train toilets in Switzerland that are filthier than toilets on trains in India. Toilet etiquette challenge people seem immune to toilet etiquette education the world over, in Switzerland when that happens in a mall, you can’t blame it on illiteracy, lack of school education. The same you can’t really blame it on the same reason when it is the frequent flyer lounge toilet that gets dirty in airports across India.
So when I saw this poster above, I had to click a picture, because the poster is funny, and while a creative way to remind people to act like normal human being in public toilet, I wonder how well it will improve things. I also find it funny that they ask people to refrain from making loud bodily function noises in there, because of all things that could go wrong and does happen in a public bathroom I doubt a loud fart would be embarrassing to anyone (or can even be prevented).
The never step on the seat is actually a good one to remind people, especially in a country where some people are still used to squat down toilet, and which lead to the presence of “hybrid toilet” in certain flats and private homes (I will take a picture of the ones at my in-laws place one day to illustrate). The instruction to throw litter in the bin, flush, and not peek in cubicle seem obvious enough of course, but they sadly aren’t. And I wonder if those doing these things are not too far gone to even take the time to read the so kindly provided toilet literature, or feel like it is aimed at educating them.
But I’ll say that “Nice initiative Harpic automatic people, even if it fails to keep toilet cleaner, it made some of us smile”.


  1. Beatrix1:01 PM

    “Please leave the place as clean as you would back home” which judging by the state of some of these bathrooms leads me to think that a percentage of the population like their own bathroom dirty as hell. "

    I've often wondered about that also.

    As a teenager & in college in the US a lot of the jobs I had were in retail department stores.
    The women's toilets in these 'upscale' stores were always a 'war zone' by the end of the day- what goes on in there?
    How do feces & blood get smeared on walls & mirrors? I can't even imagine.

  2. yeah I got the same experience too, you really wonder how blood, and probably period blood at that finds its way on mirrors in the ladies room. Once I saw a nasty smelling from hell baby diaper on the wash bassin counter in a mall's bathroom in Switzerland, far away fromt he baby changing table and the convenient dustbin placed right beside the changing table in question. Not to mention there was a dustbin next to the wash bassins too and that they were not why oh why inflict a poo poo diapers on other people?
    And I also wonder how toilet paper gets completely rolled out and cover the walls and ground and cubicle doors in these too, I have been in some toilets that make a bad TP April fools joke look tame!


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