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One of these crazy weeks…

8:20 PM

I didn’t blog once since last weekend! I realised this just this morning, intended to do something about it while Ishi was in school, and by then I was so numb and tired and in need of something mindless to do that I gave up on the idea of coming with something meaningful, I have the ideas, but my brain is in a fog.

DH was away on a business trip last week from Tuesday until Friday evening, and left again last Sunday afternoon to return tomorrow night. Just this past week alone has had me numb. First I’m under the grip of PMS, you know that nasty thing that turns me into the Hulk once a month…Then my maid which has been giving us attitude on an off for months and has recently decided to give us a bit more of it made the mistake of swearing she would make it at 5pm on Sunday and not show up until 5.45 ringing the doorbell while I was in the shower after having giving up on the idea of her showing up. Furious I slammed the door in her face screaming at her to come on time or not bother. She is now supremely punctual but her work is still leaving to be desired so I pretty much have made up my mind to give her the boot once and for all. Since we moved to that new flat a mere 700 meters away from the old one she turned from wonder maid into nasty one, my only logical explanation at this point is that she is suffering from altitude sickness, clearly our living 50 meters higher about sea level  is not doing her good.
I took advantage of the fact Monday was a nice dry and almost sunny day to take Ishita to the playground after school, went to meet up friends the next day, and on Wednesday we were back to downpour mode, and I braved the rain to go to the library to get new books and after completing that mission retreated to a coffee shop with Ishita to wait for a break in the rain in order to be able to get an Auto back home. That’s when I realised I was really getting tired, but made a mistake to check out a book I was eager to read, so I stayed up late last night reading, or actually trying to stop myself from reading, and this morning I just woke up totally brain fogged but happy to have had an uninterrupted night of sleep…you see I have always been a light sleeper, insomnia is no stranger to me, and in the past few weeks I had a few too many of these, for some reasons I am yet to understand.
As a result of too many nights of toss and turn, and finally one nice one of sound sleep I spent most of today in a haze. And the fact it has been raining a lot today and that my lovely upstairs neighbour decided to redo their bathrooms and have had so constant hammering going for a week hasn’t helped me much.

So when I realised I wanted to blog about something like decorating your living room or about how I love the pizza cooking plate I got for my Birthday last month, I ended up feeling blank and decided to pretty much give the finger to my computer and started kneading some dough for a brioche I intended to eat in the afternoon with Ishita (and did). In my mind the idea was to snuggle with her eating the sweet bread, but Ishita decided to be against snuggling this afternoon, jumping and running around the living room asking for no more rain and going to the park and wanting some juice, a candy, a paper, a pen, a doll, asked to make a cake, asked to go on an airplane, the zoo, the ocean, to have papa back home, uncle visit, wanting a change of DVD, a story, to buy a princess scooter, to eat some puri, asked me to buy a new dress, wanting a birthday party, a princess cake, informing me that all her friends birthday have passed, that she wanted Maggi noodles, some rice, some brinjal and potato, some chocolate, a lychee jelly, some water, to go buy chips, to read a story, to play with her friend (who wasn’t home), to want to go back to school (tomorrow is not soon enough), to go to the supermarket, to play with dolls, to go out…you get it, she was in hyper drive changing her mind every split seconds while my brain pretty much struggled to remember when I put the brioche in the oven and how much time had lapsed since then.
The only thing Ishita didn’t feel like doing was going in the shower before dinner, despite being completely tattooed with Crayola markers (fortunately easily washable). I got her to cooperate, and at now 8.15 after an hour of peace and quiet and still foggy I am toying with the idea of heading to bed, knowing well that if I do it now, I will end up waking up at 2am and go right into another cycle of insomnia.
So there you pretty much have the reason why I didn’t feel like blogging this week, I’m past even trying to decide if it is a good reason or not, I find myself making typos you’ll be lucky not to have to read.
I'll leave you on this words as I have now the task of figuring out what will keep me awake for about one more hour or better two before I call it a night. Hopefully finding some energy to be a bit more intelligible with the dawn of a new day and not leave this week’s blog contribution to this post alone…


  1. Beatrix11:21 AM

    Sounds like Ishi is having a bit of 'cabin fever' from being cooped up & the monsoon rains.
    Well, Ishi & I have that in common! I've about had it with all the rain too. I miss going out in my garden - it is a pit of mud right now. You can't even go for a walk here because the dirt roads are rivers of septic mud- YUK!
    I'm a light sleeper plagued with bouts of insomnia too. If I don't get at least 8 hrs sleep - I'm a bit foggy, groggy & cranky.

  2. Yep that is exactly that, this is the side effect of the monsoon that ends up going on my nerve quick: the impossibility to go outdoor, it's viatal especially with a small kid who needs to run around.
    Sorry to hear you are plagued by bouts of insomnia too. I usually have them worst in the Summer because for some reason my sleep gets disturbed very easily by the heat. I had less probalem with it in Bangalore but still was a reccurrent theme, I had a hell of a time sleeping in Chennai and Mumbai when we didn't have the AC. When the humidity and heat soar I just can't do with just the fan or I end up barely sleeping 4 hours a night. this is really the only time I need the AC, I don't mind sweating away during the day, but at night that keeps me up, no matter how tired I am. Of course I get bouts of insomnia year round, anyway...never fun.


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