Role reversal

1:16 PM

Ishita’s school had their first “parent involvement day” which will occur periodically on Saturdays around a theme. This term the module they are approaching in school is the family structure and friends one, and as part of this module the theme of this past Saturday's parent’s involvement was “No fire cooking with dad”.

It meant that fathers were to go to school with the kiddos and bring the supplies to prepare some dish that involved no stove or any actual cooking and prepare the dish together. Then, an hour later it was the mother’s turn to come to school and eat the food prepared by their respective husbands and kids.
The project had for purpose to first introduce the dads to their kid’s school life, as during the week it’s mostly us mothers who are on duty, then it also served the purpose of letting kids have a special bonding time with their father in an activity they might not necessarily do together at home, as well as showing kids that dads can cook too.
It might seem as a no brainer, but in a country that is still heavily patriarchal and where women are the one who traditionally do all the cooking and food stuff preparation, this is innovative enough. I told many of my friends about that day and they were all saying the same thing: “I wish our school would do such days and involve fathers into kitchen work”. On D-day some of the fathers admitted that it was actually their first time preparing a dish with their children, or even cooking at all. Others like DH said that they were comfortable in the kitchen and often cooked a special dish on weekends, but that they generally didn’t really do it with the kids. With the restriction of being a no-fire dish, most kept it very simple putting together Sandwiches (including DH) because this is a dish where kids can help a lot and have some fun. One dad stood out making some coconut ladoos and another one made a fruit and vegetable chaat dish.
After the mothers came to eat, the teachers took the opportunity to introduce themselves, tell us a bit more about the children’s activities in school, and showed us a slide show of the pictures they took while the dad and kids team cooked.

Then they gave all the fathers and kids matching little awards that looked like this :


All the fathers present loved the fact that they could see their children’s classroom and meet the teachers which as office goers they never got to do on the first day of school. And next month we will have another special Saturday, this time involving mothers in a “Me and mom special talent” for which each mom has to put a performance together with their child, be it a song, a story or a dance that last 2 minutes. I have no idea what I will do with Ishita yet as I am not really the performing type, but am still looking forward to the day in question.


  1. Arunesh7:51 PM

    I'd like to say "awww", but that cute little award is doing it for me!

  2. I know :) These awards are seriously cute, it's displayed in my kitchen right now.

  3. I love this concept and how it all worked out. This is one of the best things I've ever heard of a school doing. It's absolutely adorable! Every mom needs a morning like this.


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