The rain keeps going

5:30 PM

By July the Monsoon has pretty much settled itself over Mumbai and is often the wettest month, with rains that can last for days.
I experienced these bouts of crazy rains in all the monsoons but the 2012 one which was a mild one.
This year it rained quite a lot in June and I knew it was only a matter of day before we would go through one of these infamous constant rain that can last days.
And the first of such spell came this week, after a relatively dry weekend, and even a nearly sunny day on Monday, Tuesday started with some sun, but ended with some rain in the evening, rain that became downright heavy in the night and never really stopped as I type these words as of Friday, 5pm. For a little over 3 days we got many episodes of heavy downpours punctuated by light drizzles and normal showers, but the sky never stayed really dry.
With the rain came a blast of cold air, which this year feels colder than the other years with me having fished out my sweat pants and socks on more than one occasion in the past month. I attribute it to the fact the Summer we had this year was steaming hot. And while I love the colder days, and the not even needing the fans during the day, 3 days of rain means that things are starting to get soggy inside the flat.
My Velcro sandals are not really getting to dry and due to a broken toe I am trying to take it easy with flip flops. But this afternoon when time to head out again in this rain to go pick up Ishi came the sandals in questions were supremely uncomfy and slippery, so I went there in my rubber flip flops anyway. not that it really matters because my feet ended up wet anyway.

One thing that has me and my friend laughing is that during these big rain spells you look even more at practicality over fashion than you do in the Summer. And my mornings usually have me stay in my sweat pants until it is time to go out at which point I open my wardrobe, have a brief moment of “What should I wear today” immediately followed by a snort and a “Who cares! It’s going to get wet in minutes” and grab a basic pair of shorts or capris and a basic old tee or kurta. Clothes that indeed get damp and uncomfy in just the 30 minutes I spend out before making it back home, at which point I strip, to get back into sweats, add some socks to keep my wet feet warm placing the damp clothes under a fan hoping they would get dry again just in time to head out again (never happens).
3 days into this rain spell and we have reached the point at which the sofa feels squishy, the bed a bit damp, and the laundry hamper is  bursting with clothes to wash. A wash load I am waiting to do on a dryer day as I still have a batch from 2 days ago that has still some stuff not yet dry enough to shove back in the wardrobe.
But more than the constant cold dampness inside the home what really start to feel a bit old is the constant gloom, during a heavy rain spell it can be noon but be as dark as 6pm, enough to need the lights on.

Infrastructure wise Mumbai is as usual crumbling away: floods, waterlogged roads, landslides, roads disintegrating, manhole bursting. Our neighbourhood has one of such manhole that has been sprouting jets of water for days (and have been left half opened and dangerous for weeks. So much so that now it really star looking like a water fountain having gone mad. Rivers of muddy water and garbage form in spots making us glad we aren’t walking, and the report of waterborne diseases and monsoon aliments in the paper makes me glad all I want to drink these days are steaming cup of tea  and herbal tea one after the other.  
There is no telling when this rain spell will ever stop, it shows no sign of wanting to do so, and the paper seem to agree it could last a few more day, announcing that in just that past month of rain Mumbai got 50% of it’s annual rain fall with still 3 months of Monsoon to go.
I love the cooler temps we have at the moment, but I have a feeling that with all the rain we got so far and the rain we are still left to get, October is going to be nasty. Since moving to Mumbai, I DREAD October, it’s that month when the Sun makes a full time come back, and sucks out all the humidity out of the ground, making it as hot as Summer with double the humidity. So as soggy as my shoes are right now, and how annoying it is to go out to get soaked I actually still enjoy the monsoon weather, celebrating the chill with a cup of hot chocolate as I type, and watching my daughter snuggle happily on the sofa with her quilt while watching TV…and I am about to join her there.


  1. Beatrix6:47 PM

    I know what you mean.
    July & August are my least favorite months in Nepal & India.
    Mold, slime, mud & damp are everywhere.
    I just never feel 'clean'.
    We usually take a 1 week vacation somewhere 'dry' in July, which makes it slightly more bearable.
    This time of year I realize how completely SPOILED I was weather wise growing up in California.
    Sorry to hear you broke your toe, how did that happen?

  2. the toe break happened in a very stupid way, but then all accidents are silly right?
    I was watching TV with Ishita and she wanted another DVD so I stood up, walked toward the TV but tripped over a toy, tried to regain balance but since I was wearing palazzo pants my big too got tagled into the hem in the process and I lost balance coming crashing down right on the toe in question. Within minutes it was swollen, had red blothes all over it and I couldn't walk, it became immediately clear it was broken to me, so I buddy taped it and iced it immediately and put it up. The accute pain lasted 2-3 days, I could walk again easily after a week, but I am now 3 weeks into it and there is still a little pain, not surprising considering toe breaks take about 4-6 weeks to heal completely.


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