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12:36 PM

I know I should really get going and work on that decorator’s post about lighting in a home, and I will do that soon-ish.
This month of August has left me drained, with all these holidays, parties, birthday parties to attend…taking the toll out of the introvert that I am really. So instead I will tell you about a little craft project I did recently:

Wind mobile
The inspiration from this one comes from a craft ideas book I bought last Summer for Ishita and I to keep ourselves busy. The problem with that book is that there are many way too cute ideas that I want to do on my own, like this sticks garland or mobile. The original one just shows sticks stringed together, and nothing else, I added wooden and jute beads to mine, first because I didn’t have enough sticks to make a long enough string, and then because I might as well use the beads since after 2 years it is clear enough I’ll never fix that necklace that broke and I haven’t even missed said necklace at all (until recently I didn’t even remember the existence of these beads to be frank).

Ishita did help me a little, first by not objecting of my using the sticks in a bundle of sticks she gifted me last January. Then by handing me the beads as I went putting the whole thing together.
To do that one you need to fold a wool string in two, put a bead at the end of the two strings, then place a stick, knot it into place, slide the two strings inside the hole of another bead, knot another stick and repeat until you have the desired length. I used a plastic ring left from one of these Kinder Joy surprises that Ishita likes to hold for 15 seconds before moving to the chocolate bit of the treat. Some of the elements make good craft supplies…at least I tell myself that not feeling good about throwing all that useless plastic.
With the sun making more regular appearances I don’t think that the purple jute covered beads will stay purple very long, but the mobile is cute and is part of my goal to make the balcony a bit more of a relaxing space. DH and I are still debating what kind of seating arrangement we want there and so far the choice is between iron chairs, bean bags, floor cushions, or cane chairs…and we still haven’t really settled on one idea or found something we really root for.

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  1. Beatrix12:26 PM

    Go for cane chairs.
    I brought my grandma's iron set from the US. while it is gorgeous & has lasted forever- in the hot Indian climate it fries your butt when you sit on it. Not only is that painful you also sport a not too attractive waffle butt!

  2. Good point about the waffle butt :) Our balcony is North facing so the heat would not be a problem though, but if we go for that it will have to have cushions.
    Cane rocking chairs sound good too to me the idea just sprouted this weekend, but we are going to give a few months to think over anyway. Since the balcony is also used twice a week to dry the laundry I want something compact but comfy because it needs to be pulled out the the way when I take the drying rack out.

  3. amanda10:36 PM

    this looks like a lovely craft! we have a few of those kinder rings around here too :)

  4. I'm glad ishita lost interest in Kinder joy, because the plastic trinkets are usually dustbin material within a day, and the Kinder eggs you find here aren't good, I hate how they felt the need to just melt kinder chocolate to a goo in a half plastic egg shell, I grew up with the real chocolate egg with the toy in the middle, the toy was usually stupid there too, until they started special edition figurines collections, but at least the chocolate part was good.


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