Painted coconut tea lights holder

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The monsoon is playing hide and seek with Mumbai at the moment, it technically arrived on Monday last week, but apart from that big thunderstorm when it arrived, we've been fairly dry over here with just a few rain spells here and there (not enough to cool us down).

I'm just about ready for one super rainy, "gloomy" and cool day that I can spend sipping tea by candle light (bye bye ceiling fan, not going to miss you).

A few years ago, I published this very blog post with very bad pictures and a fairly basic version of painted coconut shells turned tea light candles holder.
Over the years, even before living in India I have made a few of said candle holders because they are super easy, and give the candle that is placed inside a magnified glow.
The original blog post featured them with the inside simply painted in gold paint.

I have decided to rewrite and republish this 2013 blog post, but also decided to give this year's coconuts a style makeover as well :

I had that project in mind for a few weeks, but between eating coconuts, saving the shells and finding out my daughter snagged them for a craft projects of her own I got delayed.
I ended up having to eat more coconuts (not complaining they make for a super yummy snack) and give a stern lecture to everybody involved that they were a) not trash and b) not to be used for any craft projects that wasn't mine.

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should), you may have come across this picture :

As you can see the "upgrade" in my original "all gold project" was to give them more fashionable and 2017-ish colors (again if you are on Instagram you know what I mean). I kept a gold one, but added a teal blue and a purple one.

I used some acrylic paint from Camlin ( a good quality brand available pretty much everywhere in India)

I used "Cobalt teal 057" for the blue shell, "Gold 171" for the golden shell, and a mix of "Deep magenta 112" and "Titanium white 423" for the purple shell.

Not content to just paint them a block color and call it a day, I decided to give each of them a personal touch. This is how each of them look like inside :

In the purple shell, I used a little of the deep magenta paint straight from the tube to give it a little more oomph.

Once your shells are dry, all you need to do is place a tea light in each of them just like so:

They ended up in that potted plant just for the photo op. I keep them in my wooden golden tray on the dinning table, and this is how they look like once all lit up at night :

As you can see the paint work really glows when the candles are lit, the golden paint really shines, probably why the super original project I once saw in a book I own : The New Candle Book by Gloria Nicol recommends using gold leaves to guild the inside of the shells.

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painted coconut shells turned into tea-light candles holder

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  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    The painted coconut shells look fantastic. A very innovative way to use them. The yellow and pink coloured designs almost gives the illusion that the candles are covered by a thin fabric. Optical illusion, I suppose.

    Interestingly, I was just now reading about the significance of the coconut breaking ritual during pooja. Among the many other reasons,one of them is that coconut is supposed to represent the human head with its two eyes, husk, hard shell and water. It is a symbolic sacrifice of the human ego and surrender to god.


    1. Yes it must be an optical illusion probably due to the angle at which the picture was shot :-)

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      So pretty. If one didn't read the above post people it looks like an entirely different decor item. Optical illusion it is!

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I think it was your birthday yesterday. Very behappy returns of the day


    1. It's on Saturday :-) June 24th

      Thanks for the warm wishes just the same :-)

    2. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Oh silly me! About the candles, for some strange reason they seem like lamps flickering in some remote Indian village at dusk, with those ethnic designs. You know those small earthen lamps.


  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Many happy returns of the day



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