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The Saxophone Sisters

12:56 PM

This past Saturday was “Mom and me talent show day” in Ishita’s school. A special even day to encourage parents to get involved in their kid’s school activities, which I personally think is amazing.
Like most other moms I prepared something simple with Ishita, and we sang “Wheels on the Bus”, like most kids Ishita was not entirely up to the idea of performing. Then toward the end of the even, a lady came in the front with a saxophone around her neck, and a drum for her son to play, and I thought: “Wow you don’t see many saxophones around in India, much less played by women” and was eager to see what this lady would play for us.
her son refused to play feeling suddenly shy, so she ended up doing a magnificent solo performance, and what stroke me immediately was that the music she was playing was Indian music, on an instrument that is mostly associated with Jazz or blues music, and her way of playing sent a chill through my spine.
Once her performance over, the teachers were kind enough to tell us more about her, informing us she was one of the two “Saxophone Sisters” who were part of the show “India’s Got Talent”, and showed us a you tube video of one of their performances on the show, which I already shared on my FB page, and you can go check there, the video features the same piece the lady has been playing for us in the classroom.

Curious about them I went looking for more, and they are the only two duet female saxophone players in India, playing a mix of Carnatic, Jazz and Indian fusion.
Here is another video of their time on India’s Got Talent with a little more about their background and story :

I was blown away by that performance in Ishi’s school, and so were all the other mothers, and other kids, Ishita was completely fascinated by the instrument alone, asking me what this was, as this is not the type you usually find in picture books. Even in the West it is one of these that is associated with just one genre of music and not heard much outside a jazz band.
She made me think of Vanessa Mae who is famous for having shown the world that a violin is not just a classical music instrument, and took it out of it’s “comfort zone” to play some other music on it.
And the last place you would think of finding out about such a thing is at a simple casual optional school event.


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