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1:07 PM

I’ve been thrown in a whirlpool and all I seem to do these days is run from one even to another, or run shopping for one of the school theme days that are coming in huge number in the month ahead. So just this past week I had to go print a picture of Ishi and her best friend at a photographer’s shop because the school asked us to do so for Friendship day, I went reading a book as part of the BEAR program in her school, then the next day it was a mom and me talent show, followed by Ishita and me having to go shopping for some ethnic wear and a birthday gift for one of her friend, and yesterday was the Birthday party in question.
Now I started telling Ishita about that party when we got the invite during the week, she was clear that the party was on Sunday, but then what does that mean to a 4 year old? How long to wait until Sunday when it’s Tuesday…doesn’t make much sense at all to a little kid. Some manage to count the night of sleep left until the day, Ishita’s doesn’t do well without a visual aid when it comes to learning, so I came up with this:

2013-08-02 20.02.40

The idea was that if she had a visual aid showing her the days of the week in order and got to move a token along to mark the days as we go she could start figuring it out better. For this little project all I needed was to head to our local stationary shop which is a treasure trove for all type of craft supplies and buy some foam sheets in different colour, double sided tape and use the 3D glitter paints I had home already. The Tape and the 4 sheets of foam set me at 50 rupees…which is pretty affordable (with still some foam and tape left for something else).
I cut 7 rectangles for the days of the week, wrote the names in pearly white 3D paint. The cut 2 strips in the length of one of the A4 sized foam sheets to make the “glider” strip, cut two hearts in another colour to make the strip look nicer, and then cut a big arrow shape for the glider. Glider in which I cut two horizontal holes to slide the strip through, then cut a small square in the blue foam to make a photo frame where I pasted Ishita’s picture with “fix all” glue from fevicol. I used the glitter and gold 3D paint to decorate each piece and when everything was dry, assembled the gliding strip and glider and pasted it to the kitchen door with the double sided tape, then put all the week days signs beside the strip, and voila!

Now Ishita just need to move the arrow up and down to mark the day of the week we are at each day, if a special event such as a birthday or a trip comes, all we need to do is take a simple post it note, write the name of the even or draw a picture and paste it next to the day it will occur on, with that in place she can see exactly how many days she has left if we are Wednesday and a party is coming on Sunday and make the visual connection she needs to grasp it. Not to mention that she gets to learn to “sight read” the days of the week with it too.


  1. Amanda MacMahon5:11 PM

    what a great idea. I have on my "to-do" list a calendar and this may just be something I copy

  2. Susan1:49 AM

    Nice! It's a good idea for teaching the months of the year as well. You could divide the months into seasons, and Ishi could do illustrations for the seasons. I find, though, that since we don't have four clearly defined seasons here in Florida, most of the middle school kids I teach don't know that Sept-Nov is considered fall or autumn, etc. Quite a few of my students don't know the order of the months without reciting the entire list or that 04 stands for April, for example.

  3. I'll do months later, once she got used to weeks, seasons are pretty different here in India too, Summer is from march till May end, after that it's the monsoon from June until September, then we enter that odd way too humid and and almost as hot as Summer period in Mumbai that is october to mid-November, and then from December until February it's Winter, dry and feeling a bit cold. This of course apply to Mumbai. Because in Bangalore we had Summer around the same time, Monsoon, then dry and cool from October until February whcih would pretty much be Winter. Leaves never really fall in most of India, unless you live in the Himalayan States. The only leaves fall we see is in the Summer, but they don't change colour, they just fall because the weather has been dry for too many month, and it's not all trees that go through that.


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