Chutney jar turned lantern

12:59 PM

Time for a craft project post! A while back I blogged about a Moroccan style lantern I made from a pinterest inspiration, which you can view here.
I made a similar lantern using a jar recently, though this time I can’t really describe it as Moroccan really, more like a mock wrought iron and glass one:
Having only one glass paint colour and wanting to do more of these lanterns without breaking the bank on too many Pebeo brand ones, I went to my local stationary/craft supply shop and bought a set of solvent based glass colours from Camlin. The set came with a black 3D liner and that got me thinking about all these old lanterns made of black iron you can find across Europe. You know the tavern type lanterns of a bygone era?
The jar in question is an empty chutney jar from the brand “Kitchens of India” It was just the right shape for that project, and they are just too cute not to do anything with them once empty.
This lantern is the first of a serie that is likely to grow as DH is fond of the brand’s garlic-mango chutney, and I have more paint colours to experiment with.
That said, the Camlin brand has less coverage power than the Pebeo one, so to achieve a nice shade of red I had to apply two layers of paint, it also take a bit more time to dry.
As in the previous lantern I applied the glass paint to the inside of the jar and the 3D liner on the outside, the project did take me a couple of days because of the paint drying issue, and the fact that even their liner is a bit more liquid than the liners I usually use from Pidilite’s Hobby Ideas brand. Again I used a craft metallic wire to fashion the “handle” to hang it to my balcony door.

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  1. Alexandra Madhavan11:34 AM

    Great post, I can totally relate. I'm a SAHM and it is the most rewarding but toughest 24/7 job....I often feel overwhelmed but at the same time, there's no place I'd rather be. I "work" 1 day a week which is like my vacation, so easy now that I'm a mother! I couldn't work more than 1 day or else I'd miss my daughter too much. Being a mother is real work...and still I want more children! :)

  2. ohhh I'm pretty sure I would call a one day a work a vacation too :) These days I feel so tired at the end of the day running around for school and doing things with ishita that the 3 hours she is actually in school are like my daily syndicate mandated break ;-) I wouldn't even want to jam some translation work in that slot or any work for that matter.

  3. Alexandra Madhavan12:53 AM

    yea, going back to work for 1 day is a total joke, to be honest! It is nothing compared to motherhood. Motherhood is harder! lol


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