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12:44 PM

Yes Thank God It’s Monday! I did mention it in the past, while others might resent Mondays, I tend to love them.
This weekend I have been particularly busy, as we had a friend from overseas visiting and we ended up going out for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, DH also went out that night, but I stayed home…mom job oblige.
Sunday we also had the usual mundane grocery shopping chore to tackle and let me tell you there is some wisdom in the advice to never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach if you want to resist buying too much. I was so full from our lunch that I could barely focus on figuring out my weekly meal plan and I am sure I will end up short of stuff midweek and end up having to go on a second trip to get these.
Two days in a row of social events, as nice as they were pretty much sapped me of all energy (I’m a big introvert), and I find myself just welcoming the week ahead for all it’s predictability, and blissful time out mid-day.
A week that for the first time in one month and a half will be a full week of school for Ishita, with no public holidays too, one lone solitary normal week before the October madness starts with a new round of holidays, special events, social gatherings and parties. One week to recharge my batteries, craft, and rest.
It’s in one of these moment that I realise we aren’t 20 anymore, recovery takes more time, but this time it doesn’t even bother me, not that it has really ever bothered me, but I welcome the post social weekend lethargy that is a sure sign of ageing with bliss.
Time to put my feet up and chill. And no I won’t go on hiatus this week, I have a few blog ideas going, I just am going to give myself a break this week and not run around like a headless chicken between all the normal things a mom does and just keep it simple (and that include meals).


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