It feels like fall

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fall in Mumbai

October in Mumbai is usually known for it’s humidity and extreme heat, as if Summer came back after the monsoon saying “And you thought I was done with you!” For many that is the month that is the most dreaded, even more so than the actual Summer, because the monsoon while supremely wet and depressing after a while did bring some significant enough relief temp wise for us to bear with the soggy clothes, mold and plastic footwear with more grace than we would otherwise.
In Bangalore, you know that once the monsoon did its work, you are staying in the cool zone, with nice pleasant “Fall” temperature, in Mumbai you sadly dread the moment it will go away because it means you’ll long for November-end and then the cool dry days of December and January.
I was expecting no different this year, but the steamer weather seems to be muted this time. According to the paper we had the longest Monsoon in 50-60 years or so with it arriving on time, and pouring down heavily from the star. So much so that in the first 30 days Mumbai apparently received half of it’s total  average rainfall. August was a bit dryer, after a superbly wet July, and by the end of August the rain seemed to have left us without the thundering and strong winds associated with it. September saw some showers again, and some of the expected thunder, and then by early October, the rain was back, then cyclone Phailin hot Orissa and expert warned us it would delay the withdrawal of the monsoon over Mumbai by a week, it did seem to leave as they predicted, with heavy rains and winds, and we are now in that right after monsoon time that should leave us sweating silly.
Except…we are not.It was humid the first few days after the last rain, but a few days ago DH commented that the morning sun was looking more like a Winter sun than an October one. I didn’t really notice, but a few days ago I did went for my morning walk and came back far less sticky and sweaty, heck for the past two days my skin is pulling from being dry…a thing I know not to expect before the end of November. Is it hot? Definitely, but a dry heat that makes it more bearable. My friends did comment on the same, equally surprised to find themselves breaking the extra moisturizing lotion so early in the post monsoon season. I sincerely hope it means we are going to bypass the heat and dive right into Winter soon, but I dare not want to rejoice to fast and jinx it.
We had a very hot Summer, a heavy Monsoon, I was almost expecting October to be hellish, but if the new shade of extreme means a longer than usual Winter, I’ll take it…gladly.


  1. Amanda McMahon4:57 PM

    it is still a bit much for me. today's the first afternoon in the past 10 days that i've been okay with having the sliding glass door open. yesterday was extremely bright so the sun was just unbearable, creating heat in the living room!

  2. Yes afternoon are hot, but not as humid as they should be :)
    Last year in our previous flat I had east facing bay windows in the whole flat, so I was roasting from 6 in the morning until 11am, I could not keep the windows closed because it was like being in an oven. In this flat I am almost completely North facing so I never have direct sunlight hitting my windows whcih is making a world of difference. The past 3-4 mornings I can finally go for my morning walk and not soak a t-shirt while doing it, wich is a sure sign the humidity levels are dropping already, the other sure sign for me is a nasty pulling feeling on my skin, I have a dry sensitive skin that acts as a barometer for me :)

  3. Amanda McMahon8:30 PM

    today i went to grab mlk and bread - like .6 km each way MAX ,and was sweating. it was around 5 pm. of course having this cold/virus/whatever it is doesn't help since i'm drinking hot basil/ green tea like crazy too


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