Jasmine went to school

12:46 PM

“I love my pet” day, one of these many special days Ishita’s school has. That one however was one of these few days on which parental involvement is wished, as they invited the parents to bring the family pet (after putting a request for it prior the day), and the instant we saw that on the circular at the beginning of the term DH and I both knew it would be one of these really cool things to do, so much so that when the teacher went through the entire programme for the term to come in the first week of September we already announced we could bring our dog.

So on Friday we went, DH took half the day off, we went all together to school, dropped Ishita then went to walk the canine until the time to bring her in came 30 minutes after the school started. We wanted jazz to be tired enough no to be all jumpy and exited around small kids, not all are used to having pets around, and there is always a possibility of one or two kids being really scared of a dog, especially so when said dog is a huge Labrador.
The security staff at the school was not informed of the pet day event so they had to check with the teachers first, once we got the “go ahead” we took a panting happy doggy to a room full of kids that were all amazed to see her, none seemed scared by her, Ishita of course yelled “Jasmine!!!!!!!” and went immediately to give her big furry friend a hug, I told the kiddos jasmine was an old lady of 8 years, and then told them she loved to sleep, eat and play fetch but by then most of the kids were just eager to pet her, so we brought all the kids around her to give her a pat a few hands at a time. Jazz was in heaven, lying down, enjoying the attention, wagging her tail. The teachers told us that since nursery, Jr Kg and Sr Kg were all having the same pet day we should go tour all the classes as we found out we were the only parents in 6 classrooms to have brought a cuddly pet. Two kids were sent to school with a fish in a plastic kitchen container, Jasmine was the only furry one around, some of the kids in the other classes however got really scared, there was a little girl who started crying the instant she saw Jasmine and I couldn’t help wonder what kind of bad experience she had with a dog or what stories she heard, but most were just super exited and wanted to give Jazz some love, which my big goofball just basked into. Being an 8 years old lazy doggy that had been appropriately pooped out to meet a bunch of exited kids she just went from room to room to just crash and lie down ready for the pats. Some kids asked me if Jasmine would shake hands, and yes she normally does, but that day she was just beat and refused to perform, ready to sit on command, but crashing back to her casual “down” position the instant i said shake hand. The whole visit must have lasted about 30 something minutes and then a walk back to the car, the instant we reached home she ate food and then crashed down not to move for anybody for a solid portion of the day.
Then I went back to pick up Ishita in school and some of the kids that are picked up by their parents pointed to me telling their parents about my bringing a dog, the school handed me paper flowers they made as a thank you gift, and Ishita keeps asking when Jasmine can come to school again.

This even actually brought back memories of my own school days. We didn’t have pet days, but when I was 8-9 we were usually expected to give one presentation every class year on one topic to encourage us to do some research and hone our public speaking skills. Mine were always on exotic animals with pictures to show, many did their reports on their pet bunny, hamster, or dog and brought said pet to school. I had only fish growing up, and that too the exotic kind my dad loved so much so bringing them to school out of their very controlled environment was not possible and I enjoyed seeing the other pets coming to school. So much so that when I saw the event on the circular I knew we had to bring Jazz just so kids who didn’t have a dog, wished they could pet a dog could do so, and I LOVED the fact that some kids did bring fishes to school, I was never allowed to do that myself. And when the kids told me about the fishes (two of them brought some) I was exited and told them it was very exiting, not only because it truly is, but because growing up, many kids made fun of me when I said that my pets were a couple of fishes in two fish tanks…apparently in Swiss pet culture fishes are not very popular and there is always a smart cookie kid that will think it is appropriate to rub it in your face…which is not cool at all.

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