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little witch hat
This is the last week of school before the 3 weeks long Diwali break, and that means that special day wise it’s packed, there is a Diwali celebration on Friday, which when you live in India is pretty much routine in all schools. And then there are school that will also have a dress up day around that time too. Ishita being in the International board, they actually can call it Halloween without having people question it, since well, an international school will observe a few random international festivals through the year. Other school and board will just call the day a fancy dress event, or in the case of the regional board in Ishi’s school: a fancy dress competition (because it’s still school you know, we have to make sure kids are constantly graded…or should it be the parents?).
Anyway her school was very clear on the circular issued to us in September that the costume had to be Halloween themed, as in Witches, Vampires, Ghosts and other scary monsters, because that’s what the festival is supposed to be about.
From the start I knew Ishita would want to be a witch, I didn’t even have to ask her, she has two books about a little witch that goes to school and has been fascinated with the character’s ability to fly on a broomstick. What works even more perfectly is that we still have a black t-shirt, leggings and a small black velvet skirt that will make for a cute witch outfit, all we needed is a hat.
Now if it was at all available I would have bought a ready made one, because Ishita LOVES to dress up and that is one thing that would not have gone to waste at all once the school party was over, but I have no idea where to begin looking in my neighbourhood and didn’t really feel like hunting for one all around Mumbai (I’m sure there must be places that sell some). So I did the next best thing and headed to the craft supply store in my neighbourhood and bought two big sheets of thick black paper and some orange ribbon to craft one.
I waited until this morning to take the thing out, because crafting it too early would mean it standing a greater chance to be massacred before the actual dress up day, but then I needed Ishita’s head to do some measurement and fitting and because you can’t just remove the head and send the body to school had to do it before she was out the door. I cut two rings of black paper because one would have been too thin and I wanted a solid base, then I shaped a cone with the second sheet and assembled the two. I worked on the decoration after dropping Ishi in school, decided to add a pumpkin on top of the ribbon to hide the double sided tape, and then made a little ghost with silk paper and added googly eyes to it. At first I wanted to paste it near the pumpkin, but it made the whole think look a bit too heavy, so in the end I decided to use it as a spooky tassel using transparent nylon thread to hang it to the top of the hat. That way it will look like there is a little ghost floating around the hat once she has it on. How long will my masterpiece last, no idea, I think long enough to survive a 3 hours party and two auto rides, but there is no telling how well the hat will end up being treated afterward, I suspect Ishi will dress up a lot with it in the coming days.

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  1. Catherine Brown6:43 AM

    That is just too cute! She will loooove it!

  2. She is already asking when time for school will come this morning :)


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