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Diwali diya candles

Diwali came and went, and in the midst of it all, I stayed offline, rather busy, and then pretty tired and not motivated enough to blog about it. I uploaded the pictures on the Facebook page (be sure to go like it if you haven’t already). I did gave a few updates on said page as well, and I even took nutty pictures with the intent to blog, namely pictures of busty ladies on sparklers packs and atom bombs with a picture of Saddam Hussain aptly named “Saddam Atom Bombs”, which were the big roll eye moment of the festival, I might still use said pics and blog about them later, for now, my mind is busy elsewhere. We are heading to the airport Thursday night to head on our much deserved relaxing beach vacation (again, will make an announcement on Facebook before I leave…so stay tuned).

We ended up cleaning most of Sunday in preparation for Diwali, we had friends over, and we lit a few flowerpots and chakras, DH who is the one who think bursting 2-3 atom bombs to make it feel like Diwali didn’t even burst the nasties this year as we had more than enough enjoyment from our pretty sparkly things. And in fact our neighbourhood was significantly quieter this year. The next morning I read in the paper that the trend applied to all Mumbai with some saying it was the less noisy Diwali in years. That meant I was less on edge because of the loud booms, my dog was fairly relaxed too, and the next day I had no sore throat or achy sinuses, a total win, and I am sure everybody just had an equally happy and festive Diwali without the excess of Kabooms.
Monday I was enjoying a day home doing nothing, or almost nothing as I had a few batches of laundry to tackle, and Ishita being as hyper as ever. Tuesday I took her out to buy the few groceries we needed, and some inflatable floaters for Ishi to enjoy the water during our vacation. Today it was some ironing, and a trip to the pharmacy, tomorrow it’s packing time. We are now in that phase during which we pretty much subside on the few perishables left in the fridge, which makes for a very boring diet, and Ishi is jumping up and down with excitement at the idea of going on an airplane that will take her to a beach. I for myself am less excited about the airplane, not because I am scared to fly, but because it’s a night flight and I don’t really sleep well in planes, or sitting down for that matter, but the beach? Oh yes! yes yes yes yes, I am really looking forward to that part.

There you have it, the quick update from our festive weekend and what’s to come, needless to say I won’t be blogging for a week. But since I am taking my phone, I might check Facebook from time to time, and could possibly see myself posting one or two status update if I feel it.


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