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Diwali, cleaning, lights and pudding bowls

8:17 PM

For those following me on Facebook, I gave a brief update on what was keeping me offline this week. And basically it’s almost all related to Diwali, which this year is coming on the 3rd of this month.
First it’s the Diwali break for Ishita, so she is off school for 3 weeks, that means I have to keep her entertained, and she is the type of kids that gets bored quickly with one activity, and the most boring of all activity is to help mama clean the flat, making mess is of course far more exiting and fun…can you tell I have a 4 years old on my hand?
In my quest to keep the little monster entertained I ended up doing some shopping, we bought a lot of fairy lights, not because we all need them at once, but because these things tend to fry very easily, and I want to use the white ones again on the Christmas tree in a few weeks without having to run around buying new ones, or rather waiting for the Christmas decorations to be up for sale. Ishita wanted a blue string of light for her room, and chose some pink ones as well for the balcony. Then we picked up a fabric lantern, we had some old ones from Navi Mumbai, but I never liked them, they look very Chinese and Lakshmi painted on them with a Happy Diwali somehow fails to do it for me. Ishita wanted a big 4-5 feet long lantern in pink and yellow, but I feared it would be too long, so due to lack of other pink lantern in that shop and my reluctance to go walk and sweat to visit the other bazillion shops selling the same exact same stuff to find a suitable pink one I asked Ishita to look and choose another one, she found a decently sized yellow and green one and we headed back home. That’s when I realised our old extension cord fried a couple of months ago, and I never replaced it, so figured out I would buy one while i was heading to the mall to find a storage solution to organize my craft supplies…as of course all the local shops that normally sell that kind of stuff didn't have anything I needed in stock…they all made space in their tiny shops for an assorted lot of Chinese lanterns, plastic streamers, twinkle lights and diyas. After visiting 4 shops in the mall and finally finding a suitable option for my craft supplies I had a hungry child begging for KFC and I forgot the extension cord.
Then there were a trip to South Mumbai, a few cleaning session, a few playground evenings, and a total lack of energy to get out just to buy one puny little extension cord.
Today was the day though, but not before I finished cleaning my kitchen, tackling the outside and inside of the kitchen cabinets, outside which was just a re-do of the botched work my maid did despite me telling her NOT to do it, and the inside was a good way to keep an inventory of my pantry and clean some of the glassware we use less often…ok almost never! And while doing that I found all this:

free glass bowls

These are small bowls which would be called pudding bowls, which we mostly use for dal and dahi, they have the distinction of all having been freebies collected over the years, the ones on the left were coming free as a Diwali offer on our washing machine if I remember correctly, the one in the center came free as yet another Diwali offer on an appliance. They seem to like giving you glassware sets as gifts during that time of the year, probably to serve nuts and sweets to your guest. The one on the right was from buying Britannia Dahi when it first got launched, each 500g cup of curd got you one glass bowl at the check out counter, DH loved that dahi back then, so we ended up with quite a few, some of them broke at the hand of our Navi Mumbai Glassware Terminator of a maid, but we still have enough on our hand, and it will let us remember they were a Britannia gift as long as we have them as the brand’s logo is engraved at the bottom, needless to say we are prepared to feed an army with all these and funnily enough, while we used the Britannia and the blue one as much as we used the bowls that came with our Wedding gift dinner set, it’s the dinner set’s bowls that got decimated first…

After finally getting my kitchen spick and span, I ventured outside, shortage of fruits, soy milk and anticipating a chole puri meal oblige, in order to optimize my outing in this scorching sun, I decided to return library books, and hunt for that extension cord as well and when we made it back home, both Ishi and I felt like having a nap. By 5 I realised that our housing society had decided to break their no-festival streak by hiring guys to decorate the garden with lights, so not to feel like a festive slacker myself I decided to put mine up as well…mustered all the motivation and energy I could get while Ishita whined to go to the park…the promise of having lights up soon did make her patient long enough though.
First I dug out some of the sturdy lights we had left from last year out, and picked out the plastic pipe full of multi-coloured ones out, and hung it twisting it on the balcony grill…grills are great for that, they give you a nice canvas to start your Diwali electrical masterpiece. Then one strand of pink got festooned, followed by a white one twisted on the grill, plugged it and it was all working fine, but couldn’t get the full effect as I managed to get the whole thing done before sunset. We left it on, and went to the park, when I returned home this is how it looked:

diwali lights

Next will come the diyas, which I have to dig out of the storage cabinets, remembering my laborious sessions of diya cleaning from last year, the year we got a phone call from our landlord on Diwali itself telling us that he was putting the flat for sale and we should look for another place to live…the diyas took days to wash, and I only bothered because they were really nicely painted ones that still looked in very good shape and not to be thrown and wasted. I remember making it just days before we were moving out of that place.
These diyas will actually look awesome on my balcony this year, Ishita is already asking to get firecrackers, and I think I will try to give the bathroom a scrub tomorrow…the maid made a show of scrubbing the walls which wasn’t necessary, but never saw the dirt on the floor tiles that need a heavy dose of scrubbing and Cif, to her the floor is clean since she pours a bucket full of water on it daily and then push the excess water down the drain with a broom.

As you can see…been busy.


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