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When I am not blogging and have some free time on my hand, that usually means I am trying a new recipe, baking, painting or doing a craft project of some kind or another, and most of the time that’s to decorate my home. And yesterday was one of these days…A day when the calling for the craft supplies was stronger than the laptop’s screams.
To be fair right now I have several projects going and more coming because December is just around the corner, but yesterday I devoted myself to finish a project that has been on my mind for months and the end result is this:

hallway welcome art

When we moved in nearly a year ago (can’t believe last year at this time I was actually flat hunting), this hallway was a long stretch of unfurnishable space between the main door, and pretty much the rest of the flat. It is narrow and the show cabinet you see in this picture is pretty much the only thing that can fit without crowding the space or making it impossible to answer the door, but despite all this this is a great space, first that means we have a place to remove our shoes before dragging dirt, and then we can dump stuff like bags there, but it’s a 4+ meter long hallway that looks pretty bare and is the first thing anybody entering our home will notice. For quite sometime I had an idea of having a welcome sign in there, but didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I knew I didn’t want anything impersonal like a store bought painting or sign that says Welcome, I wanted that space to speak about who lives there. I toyed with the idea of getting a big canvas and paint something, but that wall is as huge as the hallway is long, and felt very imposing in such a narrow space, so I needed something that would fill the space, catch the eye and fit there. Then I thought about just cutting out letters to spell welcome and paste them on the wall, and I almost settled for that idea until one day I stumbled upon a pin on pinterest about painting antique frames in turquoise and hanging them on the wall. Suddenly turquoise frames mixed with black and white pictures in my mind, and the idea of using black and white pictures inside turquoise frames to decorate the hallway was born. A little more tinkering on the idea and I came up with the project of taking pictures of all of us holding the letters of the word Welcome and pasting them on turquoise paper. Took me weeks to finally tackle the task of taking the pictures, and we did it last weekend, then since my camera doesn’t have a black and white mode I edited the pictures in photo editing software, printed them, pasted them and finally finished the whole thing yesterday.
Each picture is printed in A4 and I pasted them on big sheets of coloured craft paper before pasting them on the wall using double sided tape. This should give you an idea of how long that hallway really is, the 7 pictures in their frame all fit nicely between the shoe cabinet that is right next the door and the opened door that leads to the living room with still a little space left between said door and the last picture.

welcome art

The series of frame is at eye level playing on the length of the hallway while reducing the feeling of that giant off white wall crushing us, the wall art has been there for 24 hours and we already don’t remember how it was before it. I have a picture somewhere of course, but can’t find it on my computer though I am sure I posted it on the Facebook page after I moved in last December, so if you are really wondering what the before of this after looks like, you know where to look.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I found this post through pinterest. Its a very nice idea. Do all the pics include pics of you, hubby and daughter?
    I'd like to do the same except we're not supposed to hang pictures of people or any living beings. Only flora, landscapes, architecture and natural sceneries allowed. Can you give me some ideas?

    1. Yes all the pictures have me, my hubby or daughter, and my dog :-) you can really do it with any picture, you could easily take pictures on flowers, or landscapes in which you placed a card with one of the letter to spell the word welcome. Or even the rooms in your home, or household items. It really doesn't have the be people in the pictures


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