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relocating christmas

Today, exactly a year ago, we were leaving our old flat for the one we are in today. I remember the frenzy, the stress, and the exhaustion that followed. Ishita was still in school as her holiday break started later than this year. I left the Christmas tree up as long as I could just to have something “normal” to look at in the midst of the chaos and mayhem every single moves we went through brought.
I remember screaming at Dominos pizza for delivering a pizza after 45 minutes, and the delivery guy trying to extort the money from me after the manager told me it would be free, I remember slamming the door in his face…twice, before an unsuspecting DH found him in stake out mode in our floor’s lobby and paid him the full amount without  knowing the full story, and the outlet to never send that money back or apologise which had me vow to never ever order from them ever again (and I have hold on to that vow so far and do not plan on breaking it).
I remember my attempts to make it all as normal as I could for Ishita at home, packing her toys last. She fell asleep at 7pm on our oriental rug in the living room while DH and our maid did trips after trips between the two flats with belongings they would throw in a pile in the new place as quickly as they could while I packed the empty bags and baskets they would return for them to take. I remember going through that debilitating process like a robot : pack pack pack, wait wait wait, pack pack pack, the hours passing without me noticing them pass, the amount of belongings left in the old flat refusing to shrink to give me hope this madness would stop. My feeling raw under my arms from the sweat and chaffing, my hair a total mess, enough dust on my person to affect my BMI…Our finally throwing the towel and call it a day at 11pm and head to our new place for a first night. The shock I had seeing that all our stuff was thrown about in disarray in the new place, my determination to get to the shower in a quest to feel human again, braving a mountain of stuff to get to it. A first night of sleep that didn’t feel restful or relaxing. A husband to send to work and a daughter to send to school the next day, not before a few more trips between the two flats to get the last of our belongings home, then days and days of organizing, sorting and storing things, of wondering when the last thing would finally be put away, to finally achieve that on December 24th…and think about Christmas.

Remembering all of it, and feeling glad that this year on this day I am sick with a cold, with no out of usual obligations to deal with. While last year I was chowing down a pizza that stressed me out and couldn’t savour for lunch, this year I treated ourselves to a chicken chilli with a dollop of homemade sour cream, relaxing, and knowing that said meal would not be followed by wondering how to pack things and how much time it would take. Looking at my tree knowing that this year the festive season is what it should have been the year before…bliss!


  1. Yay! No moving at Christmas! :P I think you did quite well with keeping the holiday spirit alive during your move last year. It's just so hard to believe that a year has flown by this quickly!

  2. Time sure flew :)
    Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive was very though and exhausting at time, I am glad this year I can just let the spirit of the holiday be and enjoy it.

  3. Arunesh8:58 AM

    Wow! Moving with a family can be so exhausting!

  4. It is, and I have done it a bit too many times in the past few years, the very word "packing" is enough to increase my heart rate still :)

  5. Alexandra Madhavan5:05 AM

    OMG can't imagine the stress for moving during xmas season!

  6. That was the hardest move I made over the year despite being the most local of all, shifting only 800m away from our old place.

  7. Your old owner really screwed your diwali and Christmas didn't he? Some people really lack basic courtesy.

  8. Yep he screwed our holiday season big time, and of course when you lack such basic courtesy, you call your tennant on the 19th to ask something about giving back the keys and add : "Are you doing something special for Christmas" I still remember today the urge I had to strangle him over the phone, and how I restrained myself to say "well thanks to you I'll be having fun unpacking and settling in my new place instead of unwrapping gifts" But in the end I just told him we would be just relaxing at home after a very stressful month.

  9. navya9:14 PM

    Tactless , but what else to expect from such people. In your future posts about indians remember to mention that most indians who are in a race to earn more money often lack basic courtesy, manners and consideration.. fortunately for you, I assume, you don't have to deal with family members of this kind

  10. Oh yes I know about that breed of Indians, they call themselves educated, but lack every basic courtesies and any sense of respect, are only after money and status gain...sigh
    fortunately my in-laws aren't that way, they value good behaviour and values and aren't the show off type. they live with the pressure of throwing the appropriate show at big functions like grand kids first birthday and wedding, but by the Standards I have observed in North India they are still keeping it very simple.

  11. Good for you. I deal with cousins who are all about constant comparison on status if not bragging about how rich they are. It's stressful really cuz you are constantly being scrutinised and analysed. Well in my next life I would choose for a better set of extended family


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