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We are a few days short of celebrating one year spent into that flat we are in at the moment. One full year!!!! Can you believe it? It has only happened with 3 flats including this one in the past 10 years (for a total of 8 flats).
When we visited this flat I now call home the selling point was that awesome big balcony it had, which is pretty much a rarity in Mumbai. Since we moved in last December we’ve been discussing what we actually wanted to do with that awesome balcony and we’ve been brainstorming many ideas in matter of seating arrangement. One of the early contender was getting two beanbags, that idea was considered and dropped many times, mainly because we are known to take our time to figure out what furniture we want, I did after all write about a bed side table dilemma we carried for years (and no we still haven’t figured out what we want in the dinnerware department). Then there were talks of just having floor cushions, quickly dropped, because as soon as we mention cushion in our family it usually ends up with “What if the dog decide to eat them” (our dog is cushion crazy). At one point I saw a cute metallic chair and low table set, DH was almost sold, but when I mentioned it in passing on my blog, one of my reader pointed out there might be a “waffle butt” side effect…you know, these horrible marks that will grace your behind after sitting on a too hard and sharp surface? By then I was also considering cane chairs, but never really saw any that looked nice, we talked about a bench too, came back to bean bags, but when visiting stores that sold them we were put off by them: too big, not outdoorsy enough, a pain to clean, too close to the ground…what if our dog eats them? (again!).
We were pretty much going nowhere, and to be fair weren’t really looking anymore. That was until last week when one lady in one of my expat circles posted a list of belongings she was selling and needed to go quickly as she was returning home before the end of this month, among said belongings were a set of two cane armchairs, sold at half the price and still in mint condition. I was lounging on the sofa checking the pictures on my phone while DH was watching TV and I told him “Honey what about these chairs?” He was sold and I told my friend I would take them two days later I was paying for them and picking them up and now they sit pretty on my big balcony :

cane armchairs
They are big enough to be able to sit cross legged on them, and I took that picture while seated in the other chair. One of the really cool thing is that not only do the cushion covers match the paint job I did last Summer, they can also be washed very easily since the cover is removable. Having these chairs now that Winter has settled is awesome because one of the things I miss the most in the chilly mornings is grabbing a cup of tea and walk out on my terrace back in Bangalore. I used to do that all time, it was almost a ritual : get out of bed, slip on my hoodie jacket, put my socks, march to the kitchen to make myself some tea and then head straight to the terrace to watch the dissipating fog and soak up the morning sun. When we were in Navi Mumbai I still did it on our terrace there, even with the shorter less cold Winters, I missed it to some extent in the flat we left last year, the balconies there were tiny and it just didn’t feel the same. And in this very flat, we had nothing to sit on to enjoy the blissful cold Winter mornings until now. Needless to say I have gone back to the ritual already, and not only in the morning, my afternoon cup of tea is drank there too now.
And I pretty much feel like these chairs are our Christmas gift, we gifted ourselves a cosy outdoor space this year, all while helping a friend taking them off her hands as well.

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