Felt star ornament

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felt star ornament
We made this one a couple of months back and originally it wasn’t intended to end up as a Christmas tree ornament. It was to be one of these cute little charms you can hang to anything you want, and we had two, one ended up as a keychain charm for a while (before being a bit battered in the process), and this one above became one of Ishita’s toy until I figured out it would look much nicer on the tree than gathering dust somewhere.
They are super easy to make, and while Ishita didn’t really want to help much making these, if you have a patient 4 years old or an older child that is totally doable. All you need is felt in any colour you want, glue, glitter 3D paint (hobby Idea), some cotton filling (the surgical one found in rolls at the chemist works very well), googly eyes, and some wool to make the loop to hang it.

Start by cutting the shape you want to use (you’ll need two shape for one charm), using textile glue or pidilite all fix glue carefully draw a line of glue on the border of the shape making sure you leave a small portion of the shape without glue, paste the second shape on top of the ne with glue and let it dry completely.
Then, once the glue is dry, stuff the shape with a little cotton filling and close the gap with some more glue and let it dry again.
Once it’s all dry you can decorate it with the 3D glitter paint and googly eyes and let it dry again. Use a sharp needle to add the wool thread at the top to make a loop.
You can if you have a wool needle sharp enough to pass through thick felt stich the pieces together instead of gluing them, I will confess that it was my original plan until I found out that my wool needle was too blunt to pierce the felt altogether.
It might be late into the season to start making a whole bunch of these to decorate the Christmas tree, but this is definitely a project to start next November. I know I will probably end up making a whole bunch of felt ornaments for the next year now that I am seeing how cute it looks.

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