Getting Christmassy

12:25 PM

Each year the start of December means getting into Christmas mode for me, I start with the Advent Calendar, bake some cookies, do the Christmas tree, celebrate St Nicolas…This year we are going to wait until this coming Sunday to do the tree, simply because Ishita being into Christmas more than ever before this year means we really want to make it a whole family event. The other years I would do it with Ishita watching with DH being in office, this year we all feel it is important to just do it all together, and DH working completely crazy hours combined with Ishita being in bed by 7.30pm (last year she was still fighting sleep until 9) means we are only left with weekends, or what are left of them, as DH is working every other Saturdays. The plan was originally to do it last Sunday, but our fun trip to the mall, got us a bit tired and Ishita totally wiped out, this coming Saturday DH works…which leaves us only the coming Sunday.

That said, I already made a batch of Cinnamon cookies that are already all gone, a batch of Milano cookies that is half finished and there is a plan of doing a batch of Brunsli (I will refer you to my previous year’s lot of Holiday post there, not going to post cookies pictures every year). Last Saturday Ishita and I made one hand made Christmas decoration together:

paper wreath

I had enough green paper left from the advent calendar to make a wreath, we gift wrapped a toilet paper roll and an empty matchbox to make little gifts, pasted old gift tags that came with gifts my dad sent us last year, added a snowman made of face cleaning cotton pads, and cut out shapes out of Christmas themed craft paper, added some ribbon leftover from the Halloween Witch Hat project, taped our masterpiece to the door between the hallway and the living room and voila, a little festive spirit infused into the flat!
I now just wished the weather would start feeling a bit more like Winter, because while it was dry and cool when we came back from Thailand, we are now experiencing a return of the humidity and heat that is almost making it feel as bad as what October in Mumbai is. Which is not exactly making me fall into the December Holiday festive spirit just yet, but according to my weather app we should be seeing a change and cooler temperatures toward the end of the week…and I sure hope they are right.
Meanwhile Ishita keeps asking when Santa will come, and my explanation of “When all the door on the advent calendar are open” is not satisfactory enough, she asked me to open number 24 yesterday to make Christmas come (I love the thinking process there). She has been wishing for a princess scooter since March, which I told her all along will be something Santa will bring her, and she hasn’t forgotten…Santa has to bring her one, and some elves working at Flipkart have scooters of that kind in stock…though of course Santa better hurry to place his order all while hoping the Flipkart guy will deliver when Ishi is in school.

Falling into the festive mood as you can see.

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