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It's that time again

8:03 PM

You know...the end of the year. That time at which it is customary to make all kind of resolution, most about diets and workout plans that will not be kept, that time to vow to oneself to be a better person, an improved version of yourself...and let's be honest, we've all been there, we've all done the resolution thing at one point or another, or are still doing it.

I stopped taking them years and years ago, simply because I can't hold them, diet plans usually go down the drain the fastest, no matter at what time of the year I suddenly vow to shed a few pounds. I loose my sanity before I lost even a fraction of what I set myself to loose weight-wise. Workout regimes usually fail too, I hate the gym, and I loose patience shaking it in front of my TV. The only workout I kept up with is walking, but that's because I love it, and I never took it as a resolution, in fact I decided to go back to walking more out of blue last March, then out of curiosity decided to upload a pedometer app on my phone to see how much walking I was doing in a day, turned out to be the most addictive app ever, I still use it daily and yes at time it motivates me to try harder...I don't need a January 1st to kick my behind into shaping up said behind. 
A few times I vowed to be more organized, but then realised I was already organized enough and that there was no point in trying to fix something that was working fine to begin with.It's still fun to buy new sticker labels, new colorful pens and sort through your boxes of stuff though, so I never minded taking that resolution, or even dropping it a few weeks later, because  even if I never revolutionized my organising system, I never really stopped making things neat and simpler for myself.

There is one resolution I never broke though, the one to not change a thing and continue being the process of who I am and who I am to become, it's easy, you don't get frustrated, and you end up doing what you want when you want without any pressure. So tomorrow at midnight I'll enter the new year being me, vowing to continue being me, with the same hobbies and dislikes. Which means it will be another year of blogging about what comes to my mind, and I'll even kick start the year with a series on making your life and home simpler during the month of January...you know for those who made the resolution to change things in their home and vowed to uncomplicated things (didn't I say that I took a few organizing resolutions over the years?)

And now without any more cheesy rambling, I wish you all a Happy New Year to come.


  1. Alexandra Madhavan12:02 PM

    One of my resolutions is to organize on an OCD level! I still have 1 room full of boxes from our move 9 months ago! Ick...it is driving me crazy!

  2. apple2:46 PM

    happy new year to you and family and blessings for Ishita.

  3. We still have 3 boxes of old college books DH was supposed to give or throw away 3 relocation stints ago. this is getting ridiculous :) we'll ok not all are college books some are xeroxes of SAP books, which is even sillier because he is very unlikely to work with SAP at a level he will actually need the books for ever again, his logic for not throwing them, is that he spent money on these, now that money is dead weight with each moves and gather dust and probably mold the rest of the time. Sigh!

  4. Beatrix3:03 PM

    Oh ramble cheerily all you want.
    Pfft on dieting!

  5. Beatrix3:04 PM

    That should have been 'cheesily'.
    Fie upon thee spellcheck!

  6. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too :-)


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