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Lunch without kids

7:36 PM

When you have kids, your life changes completely, and for us here in Mumbai it means ishita is pretty much tagging along all the time as we have no family and relative nearby to watch over her, baby sitting which is an institution in Switzerland is a totally unknown concept here in India. DH and I had only about 2-3 dates without Ishita since she was born, all done while she was in school and DH wasn’t in office.
Today, I went out for lunch, but not with DH who was working, instead I got myself a girl’s lunch date, 2 of my friends and I decided to indulge ourselves at one of these “Barbecue Nation” type grill restaurant, one of my friend because she is the only non-vegetarian in her house and can’t have it home, me and the other, because we love grilled food. At first none of us realised it had another advantage. The fact that our kids were all off to school around noon, and would remain to until at least 3pm meant we were faced with one of these very rare occurrences of being out in public without our kids.
No trying to get a 4-5 years old to sit still in a restaurant, no potential broken plate, spilled sauces, and urge to play with the salt and pepper shakers. No “I want this…no yuck I don’t like it”, no sudden “Mama I want to go to the bathroom” just when your food is hot on the plate. No “mama I want to go home…NOW”, and of course no kids constantly screaming “mamaaaaaaaaaa” in our ears while hopelessly trying to have a conversation with the other grown ups at the table.
It took us a few minutes to realise how weird that felt to be able to actually talk full sentences without interruption, and not having to solve a toddler crisis, or suddenly be engaged in a far less grown up talk that involve words like pee or poo. Heck we even talked about movies and TV shows that didn’t have a mouse or a princess for a central character.
We spent two hours taking our own sweet time with the unlimited barbecue starters, and then unlimited main course buffet, savouring just about every bites, knowing we could and nobody would stress us out into swallowing food whole in order to be out the door before one kid or another made us leave in embarrassment with their typical kindergarten age antics.
We ended up leaving stuffed with food, relaxed, and exclaiming “We have to do that again one day”
These are the simple little thing that SAHM suddenly see as a luxury, while others who are working in offices or have no kids would take as granted. One of these little break in a day that makes it that much more perfect. Not that we hate our kids, on the contrary, it’s just that once in a while you need moments during which you aren’t just defined as “Mom”, moments where you have your own birth name back to your person, and likes of your own to go with it.

Today was one of these days, I even ignored the house chores and mess, tomorrow is another day to deal with it all.


  1. Alexandra Madhavan1:57 PM

    Ahhhhh I love it! Going out without kids + eating slowly + girlfriend time = ultimate relaxation!!!!

  2. I know right? I was thinking of your date night blog post at the time too, and the funny cartoon in it, because when I go out with Ishita in tow it's not relaxing, it's a business meal for me :) Yesterday a friend and I decided to take our daughters to KFC, the only place a 4 years old can act like one without feeling too out of place, but us grown ups didn't go there to talk and enjoy the food :)


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