The holiday came and went

8:35 PM

I'm getting back to my keyboard after enjoying the holiday season, full of ideas, and short on time (as usual).
The past week has been busy enough, between a party for kids at DH’s office, meeting old friends, heading to a Christmas play date with Ishita, shopping and cooking for my own Christmas party at home, and recovering from the excess of food (still working on that bit).
Ishita woke up on  December 25th to Santa’s gift waiting for her under the tree…after months and months of waiting for it, probably dreaming about and asking about it, her Princess Scooter was there, and she has been using it a lot in the past 3 days without any cuts, bruises or broken bones I might add.
I ended up inviting one of DH’s colleague and his family over for Christmas, so DH and I ended up cooking two types of chicken, planned a vegetarian dish, went shopping on the day itself for munchies and drinks, after meeting friends bound for Bangalore over coffee and chaats.
The idea was a simple fuss free Christmas dinner, so I ended up doing mashed potatoes and the same red wine chicken I did the night before, DH cooked his chicken curry which we have now named “Jeera Chicken”. The maid cooked some “muttar paneer” and dal for our vegetarian guest, and all in all we were relaxed, by the time our guests arrived. This year I even could talk on the phone with my mom for over an hour without feeling any pressure to hurry it up and head to the kitchen to cook something elaborate and tiresome.
All in all our little party was a success, the kiddos had fun, we grown up had a nice relaxing time, everybody loved the food, and we woke up on the 26th still full, the fridge with enough leftovers to carry us until the end of the week, and enough energy to carry on with our usual day lots : back to work for DH, and twice to the playground for me and Ishita. The itch being Ishita feeling a bit confused with the concept of Christmas, after a near month of advent calendar, she just can’t grasp why it has all come to an end, she wants Christmas to last a bit longer.
To be fair the tree is going to stay up for a few more days as I am not yet fed up with it, and I am still waiting for my own gift from Santa DH. My laptop is starting to show signs of serious ageing, slow, with keys that do not work well on the keyboard and require a lot of pressure to work, and after months of thinking over it, I am taking the step into the tablet world, as I speak an iPad should be dispatched and reaching me soon and my resolution for the year to come is to use it more and more instead of my old netbook to the point it will replace it for most tasks.
So with this short little post, it’s back to blogland for me, at least as well as I can while Ishita has her school break. And just in time to wish all f those who haven’t read my Facebook page (the only place I gave updates while away from blogger), I wish you a belated Merry Christmas, and hope you all had a great time and are getting ready to celebrate the New Year which is looming upon us.


  1. Alexandra Madhavan12:01 PM

    I'm like Ishita - I want xmas to last longer too! :)

  2. We took down the Christmas tree today, the holiday is officially over :)


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