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Back up the old fashioned way

12:36 PM

Technology is a great thing, and can reduce the paper clutter to nothing. Bills can be printed only when needed, accounts can be checked online, lists and notes can be kept on your phone or computer, emails replaced the snail mail...A wonderful thing indeed! Until it stops working...

Now I am not saying we should have a copy of absolutely everything on paper! and we all know there are important documents that need to be kept neatly in a binder, in a physical drawer or closet. But is it really the only type of things that should have the privilege to have a hard copy? A few years back I wrote about what I call my external hard drive. I still keep one, and it has now become a bit more elaborate too, it still contains my blog post ideas, important phone numbers, emails, and odd ends I might need later. It now also contains a list of online accounts and passwords (without the user name which I have less issue remembering). I came up with this idea when I suddenly found myself trying to remember a password when setting up my smart phone when I got it. Because like almost everybody I rely on the password saving feature on my computer's browser, which is not a very good idea because the day your laptop dies you will need to remember your passwords to set up the new computer, and of course will need to change said passwords as well for security reasons. In fact chalk that, passwords need to be updated regularly for said security reasons, and keeping the Sam one for all your apps, and account is a very bad idea. The problem is that you end up needing to remember which site has gone through a password update, and what the new one is. The notebook comes in handy just then, I keep a page per account, each time I update a password, I strike the old one in the book and write the new one underneath. And that little trick has come in super handy when I moved to a tablet last month, once again I needed to set everything up and been asked to login into various accounts in order to do so.

My little black book, is something I check almost daily, update regularly, and keep within reach at all time, as I once said, it is my brain's extension. Once one notebook is full, I transfer the still useful content into a new one before throwing the obsolete one away. This little trick is one I picked up years ago when I was still an apprentice decorator, my boss would keep a spiral book around in which he or I would write down messages and clients name, along with some measurements and fabric choice, we were both visual persons, a notebook full of random scribbles did make sense to us both, we knew a certain client's message was written in a corner in black ink next to the message a supplier left for us which has been jotted down in red. I found the system so neat I applied it to my private life! and carried a smaller spiral book in my purse all the time (which I don't anymore, I write notes on my phone instead, and then transfer them on the black book at home). Technology isn't as fool proof as it sounds, and I am still finding reassurance in having certain things written down with ink on paper...old fashioned but efficient.



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