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Easy storage for kids room

12:48 PM

When you have kids, there are certain things that become part of your life along with them, and I am not talking about the happy moments, smiles, laughters, hugs, and all the fun (though of course it become part of your life too...just not the topic of the day). With kids come the toyplosions, mess and clutter. And every parent has a tale of stepping on something painful that was left around by their kids, spent hours cleaning a room to only see that hard work negated in 5 minutes. There are no so magical solution to that part of the problem, it will happen.

However, how you tackle cleaning your kids room can be greatly simplified. The ideal of course would be to limit the amount of toys with small parts, but we all know that is not possible, even if you don't buy toys that come in a million bazillion pieces yourself, you will have friends and relative gifting your kiddos just that. I tackle the flow of toys like this:


Storage bins and boxes! Currently we have one for all the barbie dolls and girly accessories, one for the building blocks and odd ends, one for dress up clothes, and small boxes for odds and ends that would otherwise get lost in the bigger ones. When Ishita and I get down to tackle the cleaning or her room (yes she has to help). I open all the boxes, and we play a game of sorting things out and placing them in the right box. Apart from the boxes, she also has a bag full of her pretend tea and food stuff, and this:


This being the stuffies basket and what essentially inspired me to write this post in this series. A couple of weeks back a friend of mine complained about how stuffed toys are a big pain, messy, impossible to store and get dirty too fast, and are impossible to manage. I told her that in my home I found it to be the easiest part to clean and contain to one place. I use a big laundry basket I once found in star bazaar! all the animals end up in it, once some look like they could benefit from a wash, I carry the whole basket to the washing machine, dump them all in and run a machine of stuffies. And to those wondering, no they don't get damaged that easily in a machine, I was them at 40 degree Celsius in my front load, to make sure all the grime stuck about them is clearly gone, then take them out to dry, which doesn't even take that much time, most of them come out almost all dry already since most are filled with synthetic stuffing.

With my system into place, cleaning Ishita's room usually takes about 10 minutes on a messy day.



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