Keep it pretty to keep it neat

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We are visual creatures, there is no denying that, many researches have proven how we use our sense of sight and how it affect how we perceive things. This is the reason why food taste better when presented a certain way, that restaurants have colour scheme that promote appetite (red and earth tones are triggering it more than blue as an example), the reason why the colour of a packaging of any good matters when you want to sell it, and that we associate certain colours with certain things. And of course the reason why the fashion and cosmetic industry is what it is. Some are more immune than others to the visual appeal, but rest assure that how something looked has at one point or another affected your behaviour.

When it comes to keeping things organized in your home, do not underestimate the visual appeal, and while some thrive in chaos, there is a fat chance that the area of your house that is the most messy and disorganized and visually up appealing is the one affecting some of your life negatively. I myself know for a fact I am not going to be enjoying cooking and more inclined to eat crap in a ill equipped or messy, gloomy, dirty kitchen. I am also less likely to keep up with a planning if it is not visually appealing...hence my thing about cute wall calendars. For me the best way to be on top of things like bills, paper sorting and day planning is to have an attractive binder or calendar to work with. The best way to keep any area of my home tidy is to make sure it is visually appealing, I am less likely to dump something in a random corner if the whole place looks orderly to begin with. The area that are messy in my homes are the areas that are not constantly in my face, like the wardrobe in my bedroom ( which I make a point to decluttering regularly), or a rarely used closet, or my craft supplies boxes (which again I need to decluttering regularly).

It seems our kind is programmed to not give as much respect to something or arghh somebody that doesn't look right. The definition of "right" being highly subjective and differing from one individual to the next off course. So if you are looking at taming your mess at home and simplifying your life in that area, you must first look deep inside yourself and know what makes you tick, what are your visual repellent, and what would please your eye and work with that. If doesn't have to be super fancy or involve matching colours for all your things, it could be as simple as sorting out your things by size, piling them up a certain way, writing pretty labels for your food jars, or binders, it can be sorting out your clothes in baskets, having a shelf for each...

How do you keep your place tidy?


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