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Learn to let go

8:34 PM

When I announced the Life simplified serie for the month of January I did state on purpose that I would write as many posts as I could on the subject of simplifying ones life a little...I could have made a promise to blog everyday! but I knew it wasn't practical.

Because one of the key point of simplifying your life is to not become a slave to your planning and system. Simplifying your life means that you first and foremost need to learn when and how to throw the rule book out of the window and go with the flow. It's easy to make plannings, to do lists, set menus, having reminders, an organisation system into place; but if it comes to a point where you stop being spontaneous simply because you day planner said you can't be, that is a bit ridiculous and completely negate the point of being organized in the first place.

That is why I haven't blogged these past few days...I threw the rule book away, it is not that I could not have written, it is just that I got a bit busier with things, and when I got the time I just did not feel like writing, I just wanted to sit down and enjoy a good book instead. I also did make change in my daily menu this week...twice! Because there are times when cooking a planned meal just doesn't seem right, and if it doesn't seem right you should not do it, or else you'll be stressed, moody and probably will end up messing it up, which of course will do nothing for your mood.

It is ok to not go according to the plan. It is more than fine to break away from established standards that dictate a proper meal should have 3 dishes, because you can feed yourself just fine on one. The floor can stay less than mirror clean another day if today you just are beat and just want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a book. There are enough things we can't really get out of doing, don't let the ones you planned and can reschedule eat you, society norms be damed, you aren't committing a capital offense not doing a batch of laundry a day, or deciding to call a sandwich dinner...or GASP take out food! As Dr Seuss said: "Those who matter won't mind and those who mind don't matter". Start living by that!

Now I haven't just laid idle these past few days, or have been sick...nope, I decided to tackle some clutter, got busy with a coming sports day at Ishi's school, and just gave priority to those who matter in my life while they were home: DH and Ishita? Tonight I have the inclination to catch up a little and have a quiet moment to do so, but the calling of a cup of tea and a book is getting stronger, so do not mind if on these lines I call today's simplifying post short.


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