Storing your fashion jewellery

12:27 PM

After a relaxing weekend, here I am back on track with my little serie on simplifying things. And today let's talk jewellery, not the pricey type, the everyday type made of non precious material. You know these glass beads, steel and silver earrings, these cute but cheap bazaar finds...

I've always preferred that type over gold, and 22k gold really don't look too good on my skin, so I wear it even less. The problem with my preference for funky necklaces is that they take a bit too much space in jewellery boxes and I end up even forgetting they exist that way. So I came up with a simple solution:

Meet my wardrobe! And notice that all my funky pieces are hanged on the inside of the door on cheap adhesive hooks. The bracelets and earrings are all placed on an old plastic chopstick held by similar hooks above the necklaces, and voilà...jewellery organized effortlessly at all time.

And with that I'll conclude this post of the day.


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  1. I use the keys or the spoon hangers to hang my stuff.

  2. What a nice idea! I never thought of using a key hanger to store my necklaces, the day I need a cute display I'll remember this one.


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