The ironing basket

7:00 AM

This is one of these things I had not idea were even that out of ordinary until one of my friend commented that she had clean laundry piled up all over the place while waiting for the ironing service guy to come and pick it up and that he was taking time. Those not in the know might wonder what the ironing service is, I went over it in a blog post in the past which you can read here. And from pretty early on in India I found out they prefer taking clothes according to a schedule not to have an overload, even more so in Mumbai. So these ironing pick up guys will ring your door bell on specific days asking if you have clothes that need to be pressed, and you give them the lot in a knotted sheet. Instead of timing my laundry with their timing, which seem to change often in my building (he comes once a week to my door). I use an ironing basket to store the clothes that need to be ironed, and it looks like this:

I figured out that if people have laundry hampers to dump dirty clothes in until the next machine load, it was only logical to have a similar hamper to dump in clothes that need to be ironed, away from the dust, and out of sight. But my friend was amazed at the idea, and so was another friend, so maybe this is one of these little simplifying tricks I used all along without even knowing they were special to begin with, but let me tell you that ironing basket trick is pretty neat, you don't need to fret about clean clothes getting dirty, or pester the ironing guy to come quickly, or worry about washing too big loads if you still plan on ironing away yourself, because with this basket, you just keep adding them to the pile and give them away when the guy comes, or if you don't have a service doing so, just drag the basket to your ironing board, press a few with no pressure to finish the whole load since the unsightly mess is concealed in it when you don't have time to get at it all. I used a similar trick in Switzerland having a big bag to store the clean clothes in until I had time and energy to tackle it (usually it was a Saturday morning weekly ordeal for me).

What's your trick?


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  1. Susan9:11 AM

    Honestly in my family, I am the only one in my family who has clothes that need to be ironed. We live in tropical Florida and are pretty casual and low maintenance. I hang my shirts that are clean but need to be ironed in a separate part of my walk-in closet. I usually iron every Sunday afternoon. I'm one of those weird people who actually likes doing laundry and likes to iron! I like your clean hamper idea for the clean clothes that are waiting to be ironed. Nice and neat idea.

  2. Susan9:18 AM

    Great ideas! I try to remember my grocery lists in my head, and I usually do okay. Sometimes I think my brain is too cluttered by trivial things like grocery lists and a million other details I'm trying not to forget to do, and it takes a big toll on my memory. I always have things like that in my head, and don't always "hear" what my DH is saying! I hear him talking but have no idea what he said after he is done talking! He loves to shop, cook, and rearrange the food in the fridge and pantry, so I'm blissful in that regard.

    How do you organize your bills? I've been using a check list that I print off the computer - I did it in Word.

  3. When I was living in Switzerland I would mostly buy clothes that didn't need ironing, here most of my t-shirts can do without, but these cotton kurta need some ironing, along with DH's shirts and office pants, and stalwarts when I actually wear some which is less often now than a few years back, half of my pants can do without ironing too

  4. Bills have no grace periods in India, so we set up a direct debit for most of them on our bank account, the electricity bill we pay online as soon as we get it, because they can cut your power pretty quickly if you don't in some places ( we forgot twice). We have a budget planning software on DH's laptop to keep track of all the expenses and bills payement.
    In Switzerland you have a 30 day limit to pay any bill, plus 3 warnings after that, so what I used to do like everybody else was put all my bills in a tray and pay them all at the start of the month when my salary would come and then plan the rest of the months budget according to what amount was left, and I used a budget planning notebook to keep track of my spendings as well.

  5. Beatrix3:50 PM

    No ironing service here in Nepal & no laundry hampers of any sort.
    I have to do it all myself (laundry & ironing) or risk the maid destroying our clothes.

  6. Beatrix3:57 PM

    Our neighbors have 2 pigs & 3 water buffaloes so they eat anything 'leftover' or 'mysterious' in the kitchen.
    My husband goes to the big 'tarkaari market' & buys the veggies & fruit at wholesale prices once a week - apparently it is a status thing for him.
    I cook tiffin for 12 people daily (for my family & our employees) so we really go through the fruit & veg.

  7. Beatrix4:56 PM

    Hey Cyn, do you still have your crafts/cooking blog up?

    I'm doing a crafts class for 8-11 yr olds & was looking at these ideas for sock animals-

    Do you think that's appropriate for kids that age?
    I thought they were awfully cute.

  8. My maid offered doing the ironing for us after she noticed how much there was and how she could be getting extra money, I flat out said no, because half if the time she doesn't have time for her regular chores, and the other had she does it badly, so I didn't want her near an iron with my clothes that aren't even stuff she is used dealing with considering I wear western wear most of the time. And the fact she can't even follow simple instructions on her other chores.

  9. It is still up but I haven't updated it in ages, simply don't have the time to keep two blogs at the same time. That craft project do look really cute, and totally age appropriate

  10. Oh yes the pig waste disposal system :) growing up we used to spend Winter vacation at a community lodge, and all the families would cook in the same kitchen, there was a big bin for all food stuff garbage which the grown ups would lug to the nearby farm every other day as there were pigs to be fed and 30 + people under one roof can generate a lot of food waste and make some piggies very happy

  11. We also have this kind of arrangement for son's clothes.Little children typically have many clothes, socks, pants, t shirts. The smaller the child, the more the laundry. There is a whole pile of clothes to be washed everyday in the washing machine. Laundry bags are very convenient for this propose.

  12. Yeah I am always amazed at how fast the laundry basket fills up with Ishita! she goes through 2-3 sets of clothes a day, including the school uniform, I usually make 3 batches of clothes a week, plus another load or two with all the towels, dusters and bed sheets...a never ending chore :)

  13. iswarya laxmi10:59 PM

    Great ideas..will keep these ideas in mind and definitely its useful for me..i love the cute factor - Sahanas cafe


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