Methi and chaat masala chicken

12:38 PM

I was back on track on Tuesday after my little derailing and subsequent fall from grace, things went far more smoothly and I even stuck to my weekly menu, which was of course planned with my being alone on parenting duty for a week. I just could not bring myself to toss a salad and shallow fry a few nuggets on Monday and went for a dosa at a restaurant, but Tuesday was all home cooked. I have quite a few of these easy and quick recipe for days I know I'll be beat. And if you remember my mini series in January you know that I generally plan my meal in such a way that I am not tied to the kitchen for more than 30 minutes during weekdays. Yesterday's menu was methi and chaat masala chicken served with a leafy green salad and sautéed pumpkin cubes.

You read that right by the way, I said chaat masala, this is not a typo at all. I got that ridiculously fast and and yummy recipe from a friend who like me think the worth of a woman is not tied to the amount of time she spent in the kitchen. She works outside the home too so the last thing she wants to do in the evening is spend hours to cook. This recipe is quick to pull, taste different, and her daughter who is Ishita's age loves it. I had to give it a try myself, and I got converted to it and included in my cooking repertoire. Here is how stupidly simple this one is:

In a big bowl, put chunks of boneless and skinless chicken ( as much as you need, I usually do 2-3 breast fillet that I cut in cubes). Sprinkle the chicken chunks generously with chaat masala (that's right the thing you normally put on salads and fruits) and stir to evenly coat the meat pieces in the spice mix, add a sprinkle of chicken masala if you wish to add a hint of spice, stir again. Then add a generous handful or two of kassoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves), stir once again. Finally add enough plain yogurt to coat the chicken nicely and let it rest for at least 30 minutes, the longest the better as the flavour will intensify.

Once you are ready to cook, take a big non stick flat bottomed pan out and heat a little oil in it on the stove (I use my Dutch oven pan). Place all the chicken chunks in and put the lid on. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked to the middle (smaller chunks will cook faster). That is IT, it takes no more than 2 minutes prep time, and 10 minutes to cook. You can serve it with any vegetables you want, and it pairs great with a leafy green salad of your choice. I usually don't sever rice with this one as it is filling on its own. The yogurt turns the chunks soft and juicy, the chaat masala gives the meat a nice tang that goes great with the pungent taste of the fenugreek and Ishita likes it most of the time too.

With Summer pointing it's ugly nose in Mumbai this is one of these recipe that will end up on the menu more often since I plan to start bringing back the light salads for the season and need a nice protein side to them without sweating out on no end in the kitchen.

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  1. Beatrix3:22 PM

    I think I'll make you a bit jealous today - the current temperature here is a balmy 22C/72F & 40% humidity - GORGEOUS!!! I'm wearing jeans & a light sweater.
    Anyhow, I'm assuming by 'chat masala' you mean those little boxes of premixed & ground spices?
    I love those!
    My Indian in laws snicker at me because I use them BUT-
    1) they're foil packed in those boxes & very fresh
    2) they're quite tasty, the spices blends are excellent
    3) they're FAST! no grabbing multiple jars of spices, dry roasting & grinding necessary
    My favorite masala mixes are-
    Sabzi Masala - MDH brand, makes a great cauliflower dish, just add some chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, a tablespoon of minced garlic & a teaspoon of cumin seeds!
    Shahi Paneer - MDH brand, follow the instructions on the box for the simplest & tastiest paneer dish I know.
    Kitchen King- Catch brand, follow the instructions on the box for the best Mattar Paneer dish ever.

  2. I am definitely envying your weather, here the humidity is going up along with the temps and it is starting to feel uncomfy during the day.
    Yes I meant the packaged spice mix, but the one specifically called Chaat Masala which is tangy more than it is spicy and used to season things like salads and fruits salads among other things.

    These spice mix are getting really popular with people living in cities and living a fast paced life, I thin even my MIL uses these instead of roasting and grinding her own spices.

  3. Yen123411:00 AM

    Thank you so much for your all that information. Ya my puppy is a pit/lab mix weight 60lbs at 10 months and probably will be 70lbs when he is all grown . The request/move process will take at least a year so he will be 2 years by then but i don't think his love for running and playing is going to subside by then. I have an option for Mumbai or New Dehali and i heard Mumbai was better. But i guess it a lot for factors i will need to consider....right now i feel like it will depend on where/if they can get me a place with a fenced compound/yard since I am a single female and i would be working traveling in India a lot. Its such a hard thing to consider...right now i live in a very dog friendly area in DC so it will be a shock for my dog and being separated from him for two years is heart breaking for me. And the other part of me wants to experiance adult life outside out US. I guess i have a lot to think about.

  4. Woman safety wise Mumbai is much much better, no problem walking alone at night here. But houses with fenced yards are nearly impossible. Residential areas have roads that are safe to walk on with dogs though so no problem there. My lab started mellowing down a little when she was 3 years old but still enjoyed longer walks than she does now.

  5. Yen12347:18 PM

    thank you much.

    We appreciate all the info you gave us

  6. Awwwww he is so cute! I hope all works out for you. And glad the infos I gave you were useful


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