Cans turned planters

12:16 PM

My kitchen is a dark room with very dull colours, and I am all for cheering it up with bright boxes, and decor. I have a window with a ledge that pretty much call for decorative items, and I usually keep a candle there. Last year I even had a bundle of sticks in a pot, courtesy of Ishita. The sticks are long gone, and if have been thinking about replacing them with greenery for a while.

I had these empty cans which I keep for craft projects and decided they would be great planters, but because that kitchen is already industrial and gloomy looking I didn't feel like using them as they were, they needed a little crafty work. Nothing to difficult and time consuming, I just picked up three colours I liked (some might remember them from all my previous Summer project), painted some of the grooves on the can at random and let them dry. Then I filled them with soil and planted some moong seeds in the. First because moong give a lot of leafy green and looks fun, and because it is a foolproof seed, that stuff will grow in anything and don't really need a lot of maintenance or lot of sun to still look great.

Normally they grow fast, but my kitchen is facing North, which is of course the reason why it is so dark to begin with, even during the day. Early morning we get the sun hitting at a slight angle from the east, but nothing to make the kitchen bright. That of course affected the growth speed of my seeds, and didn't sprout as fast as they usually did. To help them I moved them to the utility area during that short period of sun we have for them to get a little TLC and as of today they are looking like a fun green plant for the first time.

Of course after the sun leaves that spot I transfer them back to where I wanted them in the first place, they do a great job at cheering up that corner, even on a very gloomy overcast day like today.

The added bonus is that Ishita found the process of growing plants from seeds fascinating, the petunias we planted didn't grow and were a bit of a let down, the moong beans ended up delivering and catching her interest. I think this is one of the only thing we will be able to grow from seeds in that flat considering the lack of direct sunlight on the balcony.

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