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12:27 PM

DH started a new job yesterday, and as it is the case with any such change, the daily routine and rhythm changes at home too. Which means a period of testing and adjusting in the going for us. But this time it doesn't feel that odd, or even look like it is going to be that stressful. The biggest change for DH will be the commuting as his office is slightly further away than his former one, but far better connected so that he has options to choose from ( he is in the testing stage to see what option works the best for him right now). This means waking up a bit earlier for him, and for the first time in ages, he is out of bed at around the same time I am taking care of Ishita (the early bird in the house).

The biggest change is however a good one: no more working Saturdays! We pretty much forgot what it is like to have every single one of them free, and we are about to rediscover that. You see the last time he had them as a holiday was in 2010 right before the moving madness and whirlwind life that came with it. From June 2010 until now, the notion of 2 days weekends was a very sketchy one, while we were in Navi Mumbai we first had none, his work week was 6 day long every week, then they change it to a Saturday off every other week, when he changed job and we relocated back to Bangalore he had his Saturdays again but that didn't change much because he was travelling all the time and I would often go two weeks at a time not seeing him at all. And the salary not being paid didn't help keeping the stress of this arrangement down. That was the reason why we ended up being back in Mumbai 6 months later for those who have been reading me that long. New job, new flat, new life once again, the 2010-2011 was that infamous year that saw us relocate 3 times accross the country in 13 months, that period that pretty much feel like a blurry blimp in the course of our lives. With the new job came financial stability, but again, less Saturdays, with only alternates ones being off.

That meant whenever one came it would be packed with bank going trips, errands, doctors visit and grocery shopping trip just so Sunday could be that relaxing one day a week for DH. The weeks he worked of course that meant Sunday was the shopping expedition day and not much rest was left to tackle the new week ahead. He also was so good at his job he got promoted, which also meant more responsibilities, more hours in office, days that could end at 10pm, and because it was in the retail sector, pretty much meant that on and around public holidays he was hooked on the phone non stop solving one logistic issue or another, even if he had the day off on a public holiday and was home, he wasn't free, you haven't much freedom when you work in retail, and when the well off strata of the nation goes celebrate this country's independence hitting the mall to get bargains on almost everything, there are guys working backstage to make sure the shelves in stores will be well stocked...next time you go shopping on a holiday, not only spare a thought for the cashier and store staff, know that somewhere there is a supply chain manager that is on his phone with wharehouse so accross the country to sort out things so you can get that mobile phone you dreamt off at a discount on your day off. And that families of said backstage workers are putting up with certain things too. Not saying shopping on holidays is bad, because let's face it it gives job to many people, just saying that sparing a thought for the invisible men and women that played a quiet role from a back office would not hurt anybody, and please please please never forget the store staff who is working long hours too, give them a smile too.

There, said! It is not really the topic of this post, nope, the topic is how DH has changed job and we are now looking at a change of pace in our lives, and after 4 years, the return of regular 2 day long weekends. Weekends we can now spend not feeling rushed, weekends during which Ishita can see her father! days my husband can spend with Ishita. The possibility to think about taking weekend trips without feeling the crunch because there will always be enough Saturdays to run errands another week, days to spend time as a family without feeling stressed out...oh the possibilities! Of course time will tell if us coming back from work at a decent time will stick, and how much time will be spent on the phone sorting out issue, he is still in a managing position in his new job, and it still comes with certain responsibilities, but there is a chance of a more regular pace to look ahead to, which will come after a breather for us.


  1. Beatrix4:54 PM

    "And the salary not being paid didn't help keeping the stress of this arrangement down."

    That is something that just amazes me about working in India, how many workers do not get paid regularly by their employers & that Indians put up with this sort of irresponsible abuse! Is it out of 'expected' loyalty or that Indians feel they have no recourse?

  2. That company went bankrupt a few weeks after DH joined the new company in Mumbai, he started looking for jobs the instant he found out things were actually worse than what management tried to make it look, took him 3 months to get an offer, the now defunct company still hasn't paid DH 5 Lakhs worth of salary, and we will never see that amount, we don't think taking legal action could even help in this case. Yes this is abuse, and That company pissed me off big time, because not only was he travelling all the time, working his ass off for them, he was not getting paid his salary and asked by the company to pay the travel expenses with promises of refunds later, which of course always came late too. At that time DH was about ready to take whatever offer would come his way.

  3. Alexandra Madhavan9:22 AM

    Congrats on your hubby's new job! Nice to have him up in the morning with you, and also Saturdays free, yes how lovely!
    We have to work Saturday and it is such a pain, Sunday is our only day off so there is just never enough family time on the weekend. But luckily our shop is only 7min walk from our house.

  4. Got to love retail jobs huh? Having even just a few Saturdays spent working do put a damper on family time, and of course even on certain Sundays he was on the phone for work too.

  5. Congratulation Cyn! Seems like you guys deserve the work life balance finally! I am so glad that things worked out well for you... It really sucks when weekends are all about chores and there is no relaxation.

    I was promoted to a management position in July last year. All of the free time I had till then just disappeared. It was all about working and dealing with clients and managing a team of 9 internally and taking care of the baby at home... It was a juggling act that I would rather forget for it was too stressful and I ended up taking counselling at the end of last year to deal with everything that was going on. I feel I am finally at peace this year :) and I have some resemblance of a work-home balance!

  6. Thanks, it is making a world of difference for us, the fun part is that we completely forgot what it is like to have full weekends, so much so that we find ourselves home doing nothing not even knowing what to do with our free time...I am sure it will change soon, but this is crazy how we adjust to stress and tight schedule without noticing it.


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