Heat wave

12:53 PM

Since yesterday, Mumbai is under the spell of a heat wave with temps hitting 38 degree Celsius yesterday and similar temperatures to continue all week until Sunday at which point Accuweather is stating that the temps will go back down to normal seasonal ones. To me this is no new, the Summer usually start by a sudden rise in temperature in Mumbai before sinking back to hot but normal ones for the rest of the season, during which the humidity levels will gradually increase. Yesterday we at least had a valadi excuse to go around splashing water at each other: holi. Today we are back to being good about not wasting water as per Mumbai municipality guidelines (not that holi was decadent, people have gotten really good about not waiting too much of water for the last few years).

I am the type that prefer coping without the AC as much as possible, so in the last few days we had to turn it on for the first time at night only once, and yesterday afternoon for 2 hours after having been in the sun for a couple of hours to celebrate holi, otherwise I cope the old fashioned way wearing loose light weight clothes, drinking lots of fluids, and keeping the ice cube tray stocked. Our flat being North facing I am spared the agony of morning or afternoon rays hitting my windows directly which do fortunately helps us manage the heat with just the fans most of the day. Today I realised I ran out of lemons, which in this weather, is something you do not want. Why? Because one of the nicest way to beat the heat is this one:


The good old fresh lime juice, or nimboo pani, which many of you outside India might also know as a fresh lemonade. A squeeze of lemon, a teaspoon or two of sugar, topped with some ice cubes and water and you are good to go. And if you like the fizz like I do, make the water sparkling (or soda water as it is called in India).

Needless to say I have yet again entered that phase I call Summer Hibernation, during which I live at a slower pace, which result in less blogging, or at least heavy writing blogging, more crafts project, and more chilling. In a month school will be over as well, and that will mean I'll have the task to keep a 4 years old busy indoor as well.



  1. chaiacupoflife.com12:19 AM

    This looks great. The other day I was introduced to Thums Up with fresh lemon and black rock salt. It tasted better!!

  2. I never tried this one, or even tried thumbs up in
    It's own for that matter. I'll remember that and try it once :)

  3. Alexandra Madhavan4:55 AM

    Ahhhhhhh yes, the post-Holi heatwave... I remember! I'm jealous, it is freezing here! I love the heat but my hubby hates it!


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