The third life of a wooden dish

1:21 PM

I have the habit of trying to use the things I have until there is no other option but to throw it away, and in the case of decor pieces or furniture that usually means I will try to salvage them with a paint treatment or use them for another function. Some notorious cases are my cheap kitchen dresser that became a pantry cabinet in one flat, a living room dresser in many others and ended up so battered and rickety that I used some 3D liner paint in gold to make it less offensive to the eye (though at this point even paint can't salvage it and it will soon be trashed). There was the two cane stools that started as stools in our living room in Bnagalore, then once the dog ate the cushion went on becoming bedside table lamps for several years, and are now stepping stools we use to reach high up things, and occasionally side tables on the balcony. And there is this wooden dish:


We bought it in 2006, along with most of the stuff we have, it was once all wood, and was the centrepiece of many beer nights at our beloved Bangalore terrace flat. It held munchies for years, then became a decorative centrepiece on our dinning table, held candles for special occasion, sometimes even pot pourri. The thing has been well used, and two years ago it started to look a bit battered but still fine enough to hold nuts and chips. I ended up painting only the edges silver and left the bowls in their natural wood finish.

For nearly two years it was fine, it was until I decided to use it to decorate the top of my coffee table that trouble started. Ishita started using it as a dumping receptacle for her hair clips, crayons, unfinished snacks, rocks, leaves, and odd ends. For good measure she even used it as a crayon tester, and the picture above shows some black scribble on my beautiful silver paint job. She also conducted science experiments testing the law of gravity ( yes objects do fall to the ground when pushed off the table). Gravity tests that left some cracks and dents into my poor wooden tray. Tray that at this point would be pretty good for the dustbin...except not quite yet. When I changed the curtains in my living room, I had a sudden burst of inspiration to add more blue accents to the decor. Which of course led me to see what objects in my home could use a paint upgrade (I usually paint things, if you haven't noticed already). The wooden bowl seemed a perfect candidate for a little crafty experiment, the worst that could happen at that point was that the result was too ugly and said bowl would end up in the bin as it was going to end in its then current state anyway. I took out my favourite turquoise paint, added some deep blue to the mix for good measure and painted each bowls with two coats, then added a coat of silver to hide the crayon scribble, and voila...a new breath if life in an old peanut serving tray!

The paint I use is artist acrylic paint, it becomes water resistant after having been let to dry out completely, the bowl is probably no longer food grade at this point, but it stopped being used that way for a couple of months. It however still serves a decorative purpose, doubled with the utility task of still holding the odds and ends my daughter decides to dump in there, and currently even has bits of play dough stuck to it (play dough that was used to hold a magic want erect until this morning). This is probably the last salvaging attempt this dish is going through, at the next sign of wear and tears I will probably have to resign myself to the fact it had a long and purposeful life in our home and is definitely meant for the dustbin.

Until then, well it matches my curtain and balcony paint work.


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  1. navya7:17 AM

    You have a great eye for interior design. My mom would love you. Btw that bowl is just awesome. I love wood decorative pieces. I think they jave character. ..

  2. Thank you, I am actually a trained interior decorator, which in Switzerland was the title given to a sofa maker, and soft furnishing expert, more than what would think a decorator is. I always had a thing for interior decoration, colors, art, and DIY projects.
    I love wood over anything else when it comes to furnitures especially, nothing will come even close to it to me. Like you said wood has character, the same with ceramic. Which is the reson why my home has mostly wood furnitures and I finally found the perfect ceramic dinning plates for me.


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