Keep calm and pimp up a frame

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Unless you'd sworn off social medias and its steady influx of meme sharing, you probably know about this series called "Keep calm and...". I myself always thought they were quirky without really thinking further about their potential uses. It is only recently that I noticed a interior decoration picture in which there was one hung on the wall as art. This got me thinking and realised that this would be something that would look great in my kitchen for some reason.

I love tea. Tea fixes everything. Tea is my wake up substance, and herbal tea my goodnight brew...wether I am relaxed, happy, tired, a bit down, sick or fuming mad, a cuppa will be my side. It only becomes logical that my "Keep calm" meme should be about drinking tea, and so, this became to be:
But wait! The title of this blog post mentions something about pimping up a frame. Intially, I was just planning to print out something I found online and paste it to the wall like a poster near my tea kettle. I spent quite sometime choosing the one I liked best (google keep calm meme and you will see what I mean). After finding the one for me among a few hundreds involving making or drinking tea I pressed print, for my printer to produce a postcard sized one...oops! I could have tried to make it bigger, but usually that ends up making these picked off google pictures a bit blurry, so I decided against it. And before the thought of looking for another bigger one online, I came up with the idea to frame it. Of course, being me, the frame had to be blue; that was the vision that popped in my mind and would not go. The options were to use some of the craft paper I had, or use some cardboard that I would later paint.

This is exactly then that I remembered we had something stored away in a drawer:
Back in 2012, when we headed to Lucknow for Ishita's big birthday bash, a relative gifted us this frame as an anniversary present (Ishita was born on our anniversary of all days). The frame was a cheapo plastic thing that never was to our taste.
DH was all for giving it to the maid, I kept thinking from the start that maybe one day I could do something to make it look better and use it. Until now, I had no inspiration.
So, the frame stayed in its box in a closet. We were even tempted to get rid of it when we moved in December of 2012.

Fortunately, we didn't! The frame is not that bad looking design wise, it is just that the material and paint job on it is making a poor imitation of metallic work. Plus, it goes with nothing in our flat.

Painting it was of course not much of an issue. I had nothing to loose, if the end result looked ugly, then be it, it would end up being thrown away.
The only thing that would have been lost would have been my time, and a little paint (big whoop! I don't care loosing either of these).
As usual, I used acrylic paint because once it dries, it is water resistant. Painting on plastic offers a bit more of a difficulty however, and I knew this beforehand.
You need to use your paint without dissolving it in water and dab it slowly on the first layer without worrying about silvery bits showing through. This first layer acts as a primer and need to dry out completely before you can apply the second one which will be the definitive layer.

Once I did this, the frame looked much better, but still a bit too industrial for my taste, so I used an old tooth brush to create some splatters in two colours:
This is a bit of messy thing to do, so cover your work surface properly, and do not wear your best clothes...just in case.
The technique involves dipping the toothbrush in the paint and rubbing it with your fingers over the surface that needs to receive the droplets of paint.

Once the frame was dry, I just pasted the keep calm printout on piece of white paper and hung the frame in the kitchen:
Quite obviously, it had to go next to my tea kettle for the best effect. So, I moved my little wall clock to another hook...tea and anything related to it matter far more than keeping track of time...

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