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My latest painting

12:28 PM

A couple of weeks (or was it months???) I posted this picture on my Facebook page:
a stylised frangipani flower on a purple and sky blue background

It was my latest painting project still being in process, but approaching the finishing touches stage. Like all my painting projects, I take months before finishing them. The reason being that I start with a vague idea in mind, and then change said mind about 5000 million time while painting. The original idea for that painting was to have a purple background, with a white filigree style border and the painting of a teacup in the center (yes you read teacup and no it isn't anywhere in the picture above). While painting the background, I suddenly decided that maybe I should have a star, or a moon in the picture, but it sounded too simple. Then my shampoo bottle inspired me and I drew the dark blue doodle you can see behind the flower, and then of course a star or a moon would look silly. But why not a star flower? But which type of flower? I don't like painting flowers unless they are the stylistic, cartoony style. An hibiscus? Nah! While I was making up my mind about it the painting stayed just purple for weeks, then a stroll in the park gave me my inspiration. Why not a frangipani flower (aka plumeria)? They are my favourite around here because they smell so good, they are shaped like a star, the white and yellow combo would work great with my purple background...and so I painted. My original plan for the border was a white twirly filigree pattern, as you can see I changed my mind about that too. Instead I felt compelled to use my favourite turquoise blue, ended up leaving purple peep hold, then filled them because the sizes of my circles were a bit funky and would look odd left blank. I filled them with little stars/flowers, and because the process was a bit boring it took me another few weeks to complete. But here is the final result:

When I started the painting I knew that was the spot I wanted it to be hung in, this is what affected my choice of colours too since I have another painting in the dinning area that use bright colours and doodles and cartoonish little figures.
Almost all the artwork in my home has been painted or made by me, this is my way of giving my home a very personal and unique touch

And for some reasonour current flat calls for bright bold colours too, which is what inspired all my recent creations too. Now 8 am already thinking of my next project for a dark wall in my hallway, but haven't made up my mind about anything yet, neither the colours, nor the subject, leave alone the size of the cane as, it can take weeks (or months) before I figure that one out. And of course I also think another cane as painting on my balcony could be cool too, but once again have no more idea than that at the present moment. And these two painting project compete for space in my mind with about another dozen creative usual.

The artistic mind at work...


  1. Chai aCup O fLife9:38 PM

    Wow, you have talent! Do you use oil paint?

  2. Thank you. I never liked working with oil paint, even when an art major in high school. All my paintings are made with acrylic paint.


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