The heat is on

10:28 AM

I have been quiet on the blog front these past few days and the reason why is this one:

This screenshot from my phone was taken on Friday afternoon, the temp was due to shoot even higher at 37 degrees, but it only got to a high of 36. Not that it mattered much, the real feel was still 40 degrees Celsius. Energy sapping unbearable and the kind of weather to just lie down and nap during the hot hours. Do however notice that the app was announcing a less humid Friday; which of course meant it was still about 45%. The heat wave continued over the weekend, Saturday was even worse, not in term of temperature and real feel ( these were more or less the same) but in term of humidity, the previous day's 45% turned into 70-80 overnight.

We usually use the AC only at night, for two reasons. The first one being that it is not good to get too used to being in AC all the time (not to mention it is not exactly healthy). The second being that running an AC will send your power bill skyrocketing and we are money conscious enough. using two AC units only at night on energy saving mode will still set us up a whooping 9-10k a month of full use, in comparison, our Winter bills are at a low of 1800 rupees! The last added bonus reason as of why we don't use AC during the day is that in a country were a lot of electricity is still produced in thermal coal powered plants. It is not environment friendly. So, we beat the heat the old fashioned way instead.

And it is not that hard to do. We rest during the hot hours of the day when we can, drink plenty of fluids, eat more cold food like salads and sandwiches, or light grilled food with little oil, have ice cream and Popsicles in the freezer, cool water and juice in the fridge and keep the window shut in the bedrooms toward the second half of the morning and reopen them only at 5pm when the evening breeze start blowing again. If it wasn't for my notorious bouts of insomnia and light sleep issues, I think I could do without the AC even at night. In fact we did without for years. But, with long days of being on the run after a child, I must admit that not waking up 4-5 times a night and tossing and turning due to higher humidity levels disrupting my sleep is a positive change and makes all the difference with my mood for the rest of the day, so AC at night it is!

While I haven't been publishing blog post these days, I still scribbled in my notepad for ideas and have several ideas in the pipeline.

Stay tuned...


  1. apple5:08 PM

    Earlier, we had water coolers. That was the AC of the common man. AC was unthinkable lexury in our times. We were told that they are power sucking monsters. Every summer father used to bring out the water coolers, get them painted, change the grass pads and the infamous motor to draw water, which always needed to be changed every season. Summer brings back fond memories. We rushed to out to buy ice creams from the ice candy man. The ice creams were priced at 50 paise for orange bar which left an orange colour on the tongue, and milk ice cream for the princly sum of Rs.1/-.
    We had two mango trees behind our government flat. The dust stroms used to knock the mangoes off the branches. There used to be quiet a few dust stroms in April/May in those days, now we hardly have one or two due to climate change. The mangoes were collected in buckets and turned into sweet delicacies or pickles. Rest were distributed among neighbourers. These simple pleasures kept us occupied in summers. Every season had a distinct smell and character which we hardly notice these days. The grass, trees and leave smell different in different seasons. The only thing I disliked was train journey to our relative's place in summer holidays.
    But, water coolers create humidiy which is not healthy. AC is the opposite. It makes the air very dry. We had two ACs when my mother was alive. Now, we sleep in the same room. Me, my wife and my son.
    We have developed such a bad habit of ACs that we feel hot in any place which is not air conditoned. AC at home, AC in the metro, AC in office. The problem with AC is that as soon as you switch it off, warm air flows in raising the temperature. One can always set the AC on a timer for one hour to cool the air and then use the water cooler. At least the water cooler does not use power like AC. It is strange when we had coolers, we were happy. Now, we cannot do without ACs.

  2. I have friends who lived in Delhi before being in Mumbai and brought their cooler with them and regret it because they don't work well with the kind of humidity we have in Mumbai. but yes ac is addictive the reason why I limit it to night use only. I don't like how they dry the skin too, but between sleepless nights and that, the skin issue is far less important. your mango story reminds me of my grand ma's cherry tree.we used to eat off that tree everyday while visiting.


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