Mango rocket salad

11:24 AM

With the Summer in full blast, my quest to spend as little time sweating away in the kitchen continues. Fortunately, coming from a country that loves its salad lunches, I don't lack options. Sure these days I have reached a point at which I just want to be able to cook and bake and am starting to hate freshly tossed whatever. But I also hate flip flops, shorts and tank tops...the joy of hitting the Summer wall.

Summer is in India means mango season. And, while I am not waiting for them as eagerly for them as I wait for peaches and lychees...and of course rain, I still like them enough to include them at lunch time. Last week I experimented with Alphonso mangoes and rocket leaves (knows as arugula by some). Rocket has to be my favourite salad leaf, it has a strong very distinct peppery taste that enhance the taste of just about anything I have tried to pair them with in the past. With this logic, I figured out it would just complement the sweet taste of mangoes well (my grand am used to add pepper to fruit salads to bring out the sweetness).

I ended up tossing together the rocket leaves, mango cubes and a sliced fig (I had two figs left in the fridge I needed to eat quick). I used no dressing, the mango usually gives enough juice and feels creamy enough that it didn't strike me as necessary to add anything. Turned out I was right, on every front. Rocket and mangoes do pair supremely well. The rocket's peppery taste enhance the natural sweetness of the mango. The creaminess of the mango coats the rocket leaves like a dressing and mute the bitter taste it can have when not seasoned. The figs gave a nice splash of colour and a subtle add on taste.

You might notice some eggs in the picture as well. I had a leftover hard boiled egg in the fridge as well that I used as a side to my salad along with some crackers. I experimented that day because I had a lot of small bits of things left in the fridge than needed to be used before it went bad. This is how some interesting salads come to exist in the first place.

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  1. Chai aCup O fLife6:37 PM

    Rocket is also my favourite leafy green. I have some in the fridge now- and ate it today in a chickpea salad. May try your recipe next :-)

  2. Alexandra Madhavan2:14 AM

    delicious!!!!! I am also eating salads daily, I love to eat them for lunch. It is so filling and healthy!

  3. That is what I love about salads, they taste great, are full of nutrients and are really filling, despite the myth that want to state otherwise.


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