Ugh! Summer!

12:05 PM

The lack of updates on the blog at the moment means I have reached that point at which nothing can make Summer even remotely bearable. NOTHING!

What never fails to make me smile however is that when I crib about it to my friends and family living abroad (Europe and US mostly) they all wonder how one can be fed up with Summer and long for Winter or even the 3 months of rain that is the monsoon. Before moving to India, I would have wondered the same, no doubt. Because rain, cold and gloom is something that comes in no short supply where I come from, and Winter usually means 5 months of icy cold and very little sun...not to mention daylight. In Mumbai, people usually feel about March the way my compatriots feel about October end. It is not quite unbearable yet but it is only going to get worse and it announces the less pleasant season to hit us.

Summer in Mumbai usually means days at around 35 degrees Celsius that feel a couple of degrees higher, coupled with almost no breeze and humidity levels crossing the 80%. By May you can drink what you want, eat what you want, shower several time a day, and dress as lightly as you can and you will still end up sweating buckets. The only remedy being the least practical: live in AC. I myself don't do it, first because the instant you give in to the AC during day time you can't cope being taken out of it, and then because your electricity bill could end up killing you. Years after years, I find myself wondering if I just did t hallucinate the monsoon, or Winter, wondering if relief is ever going to come again. There is absolutely nothing to miss about Summer in this city. The heat makes us all sticky, saps our energy, demotivates us, and end up giving us a serious case of cabin fever. I am at a point at which I make lists of all the things I am looking forward doing again the instant the monsoon hits us.

1) Cooking! Spending time cooking full meals, rediscovering the pleasure of baking bread, cookies and cakes. I like salads and Sanwiches a lot, which comes as a life saver in the Summer, but comes May and I usually can't bear the idea of seeing them on my plate again...I'm not even really hungry in this heat. So imagine what the visions of gloomy rainy days eating comfort food can do to you when you are sweating through spaghetti strap top number 3 inside your own home.

2) Getting things clean and organized again! Right now no force on earth is strong enough to make we want to organize the fabric bomb blast that occurred in my wardrobe, or getting more than the bare minimum done. My maid sucks at her job, and While the rest of the year it bothers me and have me clean again behind her (at the default of her actually listening to my instructions), in the Summer I will lower my standards, the floor can be less than shiny, the shelves can stay dusty, and as long as the kitchen counter is clean, I don't care. That doesn't stop me from fantasising about having a neat home, and I know I'll celebrate the monsoon grabbing the cleaning supplies and straightening that interior that is now looking a bit messy.

3) Rediscovering the joy of not soaking clothes in sweat just walking to the fridge to drink cold water...the joy of staying indoors in DRY clothing. Sure the monsoon means you might get drenched in the rain, but this is still better than feeling sticky all day long.

4) Being able to let my hair down again. I never liked having them tied up, unless I am engaged in a sport activity of some kind. In Mumbai the Summer heat will make them stick to my neck, and cutting them is not even a solution. I have been cursed with productive sweat glands, 5 minutes in the sun and my hair is dripping wet, I look even less good with a short wet hairdo than I do pinning them up. It is a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils at this point.

5) Being able to drink my morning cup of tea and actually enjoy it. I'm like most, needing my caffeine fix. I love tea because it tastes awesome, and delivers the godly substance need to go through the day. But in this heat it is feeling more like a necessity ritual than a pleasurable one.

6) Walking! And I mean walking for fun, not out of necessity. I do that one these days, in fact too much of it for my taste, and worse is that in this heat my beloved sneakers are all set to suffocate me, so I made the mistake to walk a bit too much in flip flops. I am currently paying the price for it trying to make a case of plantar fasciitis go better. I still have to walk daily thanks to Ishita's Gymnastic class leaving me stranded in the vicinity of the school, the difference is that when your foot sole is inflamed, no shoes feel comfortable. I spent the past couple of days clenching my teeth through agonising pain walking the 500 meters to Starbucks and the other 500 ones back to school to pick her up.

The only thing exiting about Summer around here is the fact Mangoes are in season, and now Lychees as well, a week or two and peaches will complete the Summer fruit trilogy nicely. Other than that, Summer is that season we all wished never existed in the first place.


  1. apple4:32 PM

    I like summer for one and only reason, no fog. I hate it when it gets foggy in winters. I don't like getting up in the morning and seeing my familiar world turned into a white fairy land. You cannot see properly,as the world has turned opaque. It is a nightmare to drive during fog. It is like driving blind folded. When I take my son to school in the morning, I keep myself firmly behind some car or bus to get a sense of the road. If you are not familiar with the turns, it like one endless journey. Its like getting lost. I like clear winter days. I guess as we get old, our fears get magnified to large extent. I think fog is a even bigger menance in europe but now with the pollution it is becoming a menance even in India. Even in summers, you can see a fog like above roads which nothing but pollution.

  2. I hate the fog too, and yup it was a big problem in Geneva too, that along with the snow, I am not sure which one I found worse to drive in. The one in Delhi is absolutely crazy by the way, I would be terrified to drive in it with the heavy traffic. The pollution indeed makes it worse, we have a few mornings with fog in the winter in Mumbai, nothing as thick as Delhi or Europe, but you feel its pollution particle while breathing it in :-(

  3. Alexandra Madhavan2:16 AM

    OMG, I remember. The heat and the humidity and the pollution is just unbearable! Hang in there girl!

  4. The humidity is the real killer, I can take higher temps if the heat is dry, but in 85% humidity the temps always feel much higher. The other day I was out at the usual 9am and while accuweather announced 29 degrees, the real feel was 37 due to the humidity, in that one hour I was out I soaked through my clothes completely and I could see the Drops of sweat dripping from my body...UGH!


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