Delightful gloominess

12:00 PM

It is unclear whether the monsoon finally hit us in Mumbai yet or not, but today is the first day it feels blissfully gloomy. According to the paper yesterday a cyclonic storm prevented the monsoon to reach us and announced it would arrive within 48 hours. That said last night was the first time we had a serie of solid showers. showers that chose to intensify while Switzerland was playing its first World Cup match and disrupted my Tata sky signal (but fortunately didn't make me miss any of the goals).

Normally, the monsoon settles over Mumbai with strong winds, lashing rains and thunderstorm, cooling the air almost instantly. This phenomenon has yet to happen this year and with the weird weather pattern we have been experiencing I am less sure it will progress that way. That said, last night was the first night we managed to sleep without turning on the AC, and I woke up feeling energised by the lack of sun and light drizzle, as it is the case every year. Just this morning I found myself ready to tackle the task of cleaning my wardrobe, and removing the floor after the maid's first swipe. And as usual, my creativity is making a come back too. Not only that, but I really feel like cooking today instead of dreading it. The plan being to celebrate the season with something as ridiculously simple and comforting as my potato-brinjal-tomato dish.

Back to school is still a two weeks away, but the change in climate is giving me the second wind I needed to tackle the last stretch until then. Amazing the effect a few clouds and rains can have on one's mood and energy level. The irony of the situation isn't lost on my thought. Back in my homeland, rain usually had the opposite effect, but then that is because we get it year round in Geneva. It is far less of a big exiting event when the feature become to regular, the way the near constant sun and heat in Mumbai end up grating on people's nerves.

On these words, I'm going to go enjoy my 3rd cup of tea of the day without sweating, kick back and enjoy the weather while Ishita is busy playing with her friend.


  1. apple1:11 PM

    you should post some pictures of the Orissa temples. The sun temple at Konark, is the most spectacular specimen of temple architecture. Orissa also many other temples which are quiet fabulous.

  2. I only will post pictures I took myself, need to visit the place first :-)

  3. Alexandra Madhavan3:01 AM

    South India represent! ;) I loooooove South Indian architecture, thanks for sharing.


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