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12:49 PM

After a Summer break that started earlier than planned and finished later than it should have I am finally sitting in my home ALONE. For two months I have been running every morning to drop her to a her Gymnastic class, and make do with one hour spent in a coffee shop or the park to kill time. I then spent the last 19 days of the break at home, sweating buckets and trying to remain sane with a kiddo that missed her friends (who all went back to school before her). Counting the days until D-day and feeling probably even more impatient that Ishita.

So this morning I woke up knwowing that we would be out the door by 11.30 and would get my much craved for Me time back by 12, for a glorious two hours and a half. And, that is just for today, tomorrow, She gets to go on the bus, which will buy me a whole 4 hours break with no running and breaking my back in an auto 4 times a day. A week or so and we will be settled into a routine, and have her birthday bash behind us as well letting us the time to reintroduce things like an early morning walk, and a structured meal time again. Now all we are missing over here is rain. The monsoon is supposed to have hit us on June 15th but it has et rained more than an odd five minutes at a time here and there, no real downpour at that. The air is sticky and hot and we desperately need the relief of a solid rain. Not to add that Ishita is desperate to try her brand new rain coat and can't do it unless we get something more substantial than a drizzle coming down from the sky.

The prospect of being back to business, blogging, painting and crafting is really appealing, but after such a long break and a longing for some quiet, I am going to spend today just relaxing and enjoying my newly refound freedom bracket.


  1. Yes she is going on the bus this year, giving me one extra hours of me time in the day with it. She went alone on the bus for the first time on Friday and loved it, she keeps asking to go again :-)
    The monsoon in Mumbai is crappy this year, it hasn't rained much all June long, and it is apparently due to a cyclone that hit just before the arrival of the monsoon, it weakened it, now we are facing a draught and possibly a 20% water cut next month if things don't pick up as all lakes are starting to be dangerously low in the area. To make it worse, it is supposed to be an El Niño year and it is estimated that it will affect the monsoon in August if it develops which means we are now left with pretty much just July to have enough rain to refil the lakes...not good.


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