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Heading out for a weekend

9:19 PM

With all the madness of the Snmmer, the school holiday getting longer, and my patience wearing out, a weekend away is just what the doctor ordered. And, a little over a month ago, DH and I were planning that short trip away as a way to celebrate my coming birthday (June 24th if you want to know), our coming annniversary and Ishita's birthday (July 6th for both) and just plain get out of the city because we can. The trip was to be on the 27th, with us asking Ishita's school for a day off, but with the school in question opening on the 26th instead of the 19th, I figured out we might as well check with the hotel if we could change that date and move our trip to the 20th. Sparing me the ordeal of pulling her out of school for one day when nobody is settled in the routine yet. The hotel accepted and the weight of stress on my shoulder just got lighter.


We are heading to Lonavla which is a short driving distance away from Mumbai in the lush green scenery of the Western Ghats. The hotel is located in the forest, letting us admire the jungle in all its glory during the most dramatic season the area has to offer: the monsoon. Three days of nature, calm, quiet and relaxation...and not even a TV as the hotel stated on their website that they want to encourage guests to look at the nature around them. I don't even mind the fact I won't be watching Switzerland - France in the night of Friday to Saturday. I needed that break badly and I plan to enjoy every bit of it.


I'll share the details on Monday once I'll sort out the many pictures I know I will take over there. Wishing you all a nice weekend to come.


  1. Susan4:24 AM

    Sounds wonderful! Hope you have a great time.

  2. apple2:44 PM

    Lucky you, you planned early. We planned late and could not go anywhere. Shimla, Nanital, Dehradun every placed was booked. We contacted a tour operator, who wanted all money to be transferred to his account before the trip and no refund if the booking is cancelled 48 hours before the trip. Some people did tell horror stories about how they were cheated by tour operators. We did not have that kind of money to gamble, so we dropped the idea. Watched a movie, went to the mall. Horrible heat, even with AC, it is very difficult to stay at home. We went out only in the evening.
    At least Mumbai has Lonavala, Khandala, nearby hill stations. With Delhi, the nearest hill station is nine to ten hours away by bus. We were worried how our son would cope with the experince of travelling in a cramped place for long. In train, you have place to sleep and move around atleast. In a bus you don't have that luxury. The idea of him sleeping on our lap for the long journey was not appealing plus the temperature change from hot delhi to cool hill statin and back bothered us. BTW, while you are in Lonaval, buy the local delicay "Chikki".

  3. We didn't buy chikki, this time, but I know about it :-) we booked that hotel directly through the hotel early, so it was easy, but yes tour operators can be massive cheaters. We are indeed fortunate to have so many hill station destinations within a short distance drive from Mumbai, on weekends you will pretty much only find Mumbaikars in these places as everybody wants to escape the heat.

    I just came back today and miss the place already, since it was a very special occasion, we did splurge on a really fine luxury hotel that is pretty much off the map, I will dedicate a whole blog post to this place as soon as I find time to organize the million pictures I took :-)

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  5. Alexandra Madhavan3:13 AM

    We recently went away on a big trip to Europe, and then we came back for a week, and then we went away for a small trip to a rural area near us. Going on vacation made me really realize how crucial it is to have a break from the big city - and even the rural place we went to is quite close. I totally want to do it more often!

  6. Oh yeah, as much as I love the city, I need a break from it every now and then.


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