India in pictures

India in pictures

7:43 AM

For a little while, I have been toying about starting a Sunday series on my blog showing pictures of India that I have accumulated on my hard drives over the years. They won't all be the touristy pictures you would expect, the goal is to show you different facets of the country. For a lot of westerner, India pretty much equals the Taj Mahal, Rajasthani palaces, ladies wearing bright sarees and slums. There is obviously much much more than that in such a huge country. There will be monuments snaps of course, because I have some to share, but there also will be pictures of things people might not necessarily associate with India, such as modern buildings, residential areas, nature landscapes...

Today, here is the picture I chose :
I took this one in 2010 when we went away from Bangalore for a weekend. This is a forest path around Yercaud. Yercaud is a small hill resort outside Salem in Tamil Nadu. It is a few hours drive from Bangalore and is a weekend retreat for city dwellers, it has sporting activities, view points, a lake people can paddle boat on, and many hotels serving no frills food. People come here to relax and get a slice of nature before plunging into another week of work and gridlock traffic in the city. This might not be what foreigners will go for visiting India on a holiday would do, but this is definitely what the locals do when they want a mini vacation.


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