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1:23 PM

Due to Ishita's school renovating its pre-primary section, the school shut on April 11th instead of April 25th. It was due to reopen normally on the 19th, which I learned today will not happen due to the construction crew falling behind on schedule (surprise surprise...NOT). This has been enough to make my heart skip a bit and feel my BP rocket a bit. This scenario was something I expected, but hoped would not happen. Summer breaks are the banne for Mumbai moms, it is hot, and we end up having the task of getting the kiddo occupied indoor and in camps for nearly two months. I haven't met one mom that enjoys the ordeal, not one.

But we are a special breed of human beings...heck make us super humans. So we go through it often chewing more than we can swallow, and just keep up being what we are the whole year long: on duty 24/7. Summer just mean the routine is a bit more hectic and uncomfortable, courtesy of the seasonal climate, and without a break. The one thing I an all of my friends love about the school year is the fact we do get a breather in the day while the kiddos are in school. A few hours to plan the rest of the week, clean and organize a specific area in the home, bake some bread, plan a big meal, squeeze in a workout session, put out feet up for an hour to read a book, knowing that the 45 seconds it takes to pee in the bathroom will be undisturbed (yes I timed it, and no when Ishita is home I can't do it without her asking for something on the other side of the door).

Come Summer and we are up with the Sun, and running around the whole day, goodbye 45 seconds pee pee breaks without pressure, good bye cup of tea not microwaved 4 times before being drank. Goodbye humanity!

In my case it meant being dragged out of bed at 6am like any other days, switching on the TV on before my eyes were really opened, making a beeline for the tea kettle, and immediately being sucked in a vortex of breakfast, tiffin, and getting dressed before being on the street at 8.30 am to catch an Auto to get to Gymnastics...often I will confess while being on an empty stomach myself because one apple eaten running across the flat to get DH and Ishi ready for the day does not qualify as breakfast. Then it was one hour to spend near the Gym class not being able to go home, often spent trying to feel a bit human in Starbucks. then came 10 and we were back on our way home with a waltz of breakfast, lunch, games, and yes TV, simply because in the end I am indeed simply human. By 5pm she was bouncing on the wall still, without even having napped and ready to break the flat so we would rush to the park where she had the luxury of getting her pent up energy put to good use. By then I tried to get a walking workout in myself, less to stay fit or get my heart pumping than it was to simply unwind and reorganise my by then chaotic thoughts. By 7 it was back home for the launch of the bedtime routine: shower, dinner, teeth and bedtime story before I could finally shut her door at 8 PM-ish and get the time to write some lists, organize things that I could not before in the day before collapsing in bed playing video games or watching a movie (not enough brain cells left to read a book...sorry). 7-8 hours of sleep and bam it was time to get back at it all over again. And because life as I knew it was. To crazy and hectic enough, I took a cat that propelled me through a rabies scare and a lot of vaccine runs for myself and Ishita. Not only showing her how brave and courageous I am when it comes to needles (actually no, they never bothered me), being her personal cheerleader and soother while she went through hers, still chasing the usual bedroom monsters at bedtime...I rock that superhero gig I tell you!

With the Summer camp now over I have her at home the whole day, the insane humidity has stepped up a notch, we are having the hottest June in a decade, not a sign of rain or climatic delivery in sight. I stopped trying to get her to do creative things away from the idiot box, it is her creativity at the cost of my sanity. A screaming mom is far more traumatic than being forced to watch Disney Junior at this point. One extra week of holiday? What is it at this point?

I survived, Ishita survived, but let me tell you, I am really eager to get back my 3 hours solitude soon.


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